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Pokesona Art! (Reposted due to error)


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Re #introductions


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So when do all the Pokemon band together and create the Mastodon Exploration Guild?

Anything integrated with Facebook is doomed, and this should have been obvious all along.


Let’s not buy VR headsets from this shitty company


Sometimes people ask me "holly have you always been a glaceon"

And when I say "no" they expect a tf backstory

I was an eevee, that's how that works

PDA, Domtoot, 2020 talk


Contemplating giving myself the title of 'Guildmaster' for several reasons.

1) Story reason, a human-turned-buizel who rises the ranks to become their own guild leader.

2) I game master a lot of tabletop games for my friends.

3) GM can just as well stand for 'Guild Master' as it does 'Game Master'

Gaming (Planetside 2)


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Gaming (Planetside 2)


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Pokesona Art! (Reposted due to error)


I got a commission from my friend @DjMuffinTops on Twitter, and, I just
I don't have the words to describe how absolutely just, overjoyed I am with it ;w;
It's so so so perfect and pretty and just, aaaaa

I'm so happy!!!

I'm just.... this puppy,,
i 'bark'
and sometimes?
i wag my tail

it's a very ideal life,

A buizel making a heart shape with their cloven tail~

this PMD tabletop game is a race to see how fast my zorua can get banned from town for gaining illusion powers and immediately and drastically misusing them

Opened up the menu, selected 'Pokemon', selected myself, and yup

I'm still a Buizel

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but the music is actually playing in the dungeon and the party is just boppin'

So when do all the Pokemon band together and create the Mastodon Exploration Guild?

Good morning fediverse!

I just dumped my 600 dollar medical sleep device with water in it on the floor, how's your day going?

(Thankfully it's okay, but it did make me jump quite a bit!)

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