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Pokeart, Mew! 

It's done! Many many thanks to Kodiyak on FA for this amazing commission!

I'm mew!

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Pokesona art! (It's really cute you should open this~) 

A very cute and adorable buizel, thanks to Kodiyak! You can find her at

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Re #introductions 

Hello fediverse! My name is Kai, a 25 year old non-binary critter enjoying life in sunny California!

The majority of my content on Masto is general posts mixed in with conversations about the two Pokemon Mystery Dungeon TTRPG games I run! Whenever I'm not attempting to turn my friends into Pokemon, I'm often turning myself into a Pokemon for the sake of some healthy escapism~

Expect Bui sounds, Pokemon TF, and a lot of PDA involving @anna

I welcome you to come follow me, and dive right into a brand new world!

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So when do all the Pokemon band together and create the Mastodon Exploration Guild?

I like that my name is both the action that is represented in my avatar, and the request to hover over my avatar to perform said brushing.

A friendly pheasant bard, passing through each city to share some tunes and stories from his travels!

Shares and feedback mean the world<3

Sometimes you pet the transforming space cat, sometimes you are one~

Mood of the day:

I want to play a pmd tabletop game as a human turned shinx named Sierra

I should do that thing I've been meaning to do where I invite friends to a discord server themed like a mystery dungeon guild and we go screw around in vidya games and have soft little chat channels.

TF upon other's request
I'm like a ditto, but friend shaped~

commissioned art, sfw, pokémon 

Starting it off with one of my favorite pieces: Caius enjoying some good ol' belly rubs~ 💝


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Pokemon I want to be but too shy to admit I really admire the people who are these pokemon and don't want to feel like I'm copying them:


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Becoming your friend's pokemon species as a show of appreciation and flattery is good praxis.

if your hand is bigger than your face you may be entitled to financial compensation

No matter how much I wanna be friends with pokemon, I gotta have some non-pokemon friends too!

That way I can turn them into Pokemon later~

Looking at art where people get turned into pokemon by mew and like

That's like... something I wanna do. I wanna TF people into pokemon~

New Header, Pokesona Sketches! 

Aaaa! Cutie sketches from Jazz_BerryJam @ 🐦 !

The right one is super grump but that just makes her more adorable~

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