In a more positive, similar vein: let me introduce you to my favorite character type. Goku, Vash the Stampede, Kenshin Himura, all crouching morons, hidden badasses.

This is a weird feeling. I've been sitting on rank #1 in Fantasy Strike for a while now. Had a lot of matches build up my ELO, very few losses. On one level, I constantly feel like I don't deserve it, because the people I know are higher skill than me just aren't playing the game anymore. However, the fact remains that I *am* holding on to this place. I have to balance the fact that time played is a factor as much as skill with the fact that... I still *did it.* I'm a champion in Fantasy Strike. People look up to me. I have to balance humility with acknowledgement, and I also probably have to use this position in a positive way somehow. I genuinely don't know how to act here.

Video game with sexual content 

I find it awkward that everyone is obsessing oer the latest literal METROIDvania, while here I am spending my time on a year-old, NES-style metroidvania right at the peak of the former game's hype. But damn it, Midnight Castle Succubus is actually kind of ok. I'm actually having about the same level of fun that I've had on the partial amount I've played Metroid Dread. This is probably more an indictment on Metroid Dread than it is praise of Midnight Castle Succubus.

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CW: Food brands connected to strike boycott. 

Kelloggs workers are on strike. While most of their stuff is in the breakfast cereal aisle, here's the things that aren't:

* Carr's
* Townhouse
* Cheez-its
* Pringles
* Gardenburger
* IncogMeato.
* Joybol
* Morningstar Farms

Just now noticing the travesty that I have spent more time with Lum than with Rook.

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Not to say I didn't earn it by racing to be first in Master at the start of the season. That's a good prize too, but it feels more earned when it's sustained over time, and I've had to beat *very* strong players to get it.

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Feels good to have this and actually earn it. Now we just have to see if I can keep it until the end of the month.

Galaxy brain thought: what if the last Smasher is Game Genie?

Rather surprised that Crypt of the Necrodancer doesn't have an achievement for Hard mode. It's got achievements for so many other shenanigans.

Well then... I attended a Fantasy Strike tournament I didn't think I'd make today because I assumed it was in daytime while I worked. Instead it happened at a reasonable time, had a $600 prize pool, so I hopped on. Surprise! I won the whole thing, taking down some absolute monsters in the process!

Just published my review on Crypt of the Necrodancer. Steam says I have 35 hours logged on it, but it feels like *much* more.

Killing it in Crypt of the Necrodancer. I've now beaten All Zones mode with Cadence, Eli, Bard, and Nocturna. All just today.

Currently in top 8 for a very big Fantasy Strike event with a $1,000 prize pool. Streaming in a couple places:

Ok, I'm on alert here. Yesterday I got a password reset email for my MSN email account. That told me someone was trying to bust in. I swiftly took my own action to change my MSN password and my Google password. Today, I got another one. What should be my concern and action at this point?

Animal death on a fairly standard agricultural level 



I've lamented that I haven't been able to really hang out with any physical friends for months. I set it up a month ago to hang out with one on Labor Day. I have a therapy appointment on Tuesday I took the day off for. I was able to set up days with friends on each of them. The latter suddenly had to work, and as I'm getting ready for tomorrow, the former just informed me he's been promoted and his whole work schedule has changed (and because it's retail, he doesn't get Labor Day off).

I hate not being able to make plans with people because of work! I actually use my schedule flexibility to make it happen, and I'm still robbed!

Technically sexuality stuff, but really a joke 

Just had this shared with me. I am absolutely using this in the future.

Oh no. I have a bad cough every morning. It's already uncomfortable. Well, now my whole chest hurts with each cough, definitely related to that workout soreness.

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