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selfad, commission announcement Hey, my commissions have been open for a bit but I've organized them here on commissio!

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so apparently this is a real McDonald's advertisement in the US and I'm just ... I can't process this

how hard would it have been to show a photo of an actual egg? somehow they decided the best way to brag about how real their eggs are is to show an image of a false egg. having a real Simulacra Capitalism moment here.

/r/antiwork normal end: subreddit gets fragmented across ten different subreddits with similar themes, essentially loses all momentum
/r/antiwork bad end: the trans fox news interviewer mod admitting to sexual assault kick-starts a new wave of reddit transphobia that makes the site completely unusable and bolsters terf/hard-right movements for a decade
/r/antiwork stupid end: all of the radical anarchists desperate for a new place to organize starts up a brand new anarchist mastodon instance that's ten times as insufferable as the current collection of anarchist instances

Black Speculative Prose Writers!

The FIYAH Literary Magazine Grant Series includes three $1,000 grants to be distributed annually based on a set of submission requirements. All grants with the exception of the Emergency Grant will be issued and awarded as part of Juneteenth every year. The emergency grant will be awarded twice a year in $500 amounts.

Applications close May 15th.

Urgent Mutual Aid Post: Help Erika Get Housing

cashapp: $ErikaRitz

it seems american media is amping up us intervention in the russia-ukraine situation

and dumb idiot gringo lefties are eating it up, of course, because you're not a dumb idiot gringo leftie if you don't eat up corporate propaganda from the media

Help a black disabled mother who has lost their motion in their right side due to COVID-19 and is trying to support their four kids!

"US keeps inching back student loan repayment because they know the loans are subprime and that the SLABS (student loan asset-backed securities) market is set to burst at any time. Exactly as in the lead up to 2008s subprime mortgage crisis, federal lenders at Sallie Mae offer loans to anyone asking, securitizing debt obligations into tranches that are sold to private investors in the secondary market. As it stands the over $1.7 trillion SLABS market props up untold assets across the broader economy and is an indispensable pillar of US financial infrastructure, rivaled in size only by mortgages and corporate debt.


We're openly girlmoding at work and people love our outfit, it feels good to be complimented rather than stared at!

(I'm going to pretend the haters don't exist for just a day.)

me at 5: i wonder what kinds of cool things computers will do in the future

me warping in from a time portal: mostly they just charge you a monthly fee to use images in chat programs lol

covid testing psa 

evidently there are a bunch of fraudulent COVID testing sites in the Seattle area (and elsewhere) just harvesting personal information from their victims and giving them all negative "results." be careful out there

Antifascists from #Chicago report back on counter-mobilization against #PatriotFront and far-Right anti-choice march. They report police blocked streets to allow neo-Nazi an escape route from counter-protesters.


covid / schools / workers 

In Hawaii, where public schools are under one statewide district, 1,600 teachers and staff were absent Wednesday because of illness or pre-arranged vacation or leave. The state’s teachers union criticized education officials for not better preparing for the ensuing void. Osa Tui Jr., head of the Hawaii State Teachers Association, said counselors and security guards were being pulled to go “babysit a classroom.”

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Pls help @hammerhead raise money for rent and the late fees. They are on such thin ice with their terrible landlord already and have just been dealt such a bad hand lately ... They have a toddler already and another baby on the way, their wife lost weeks of pay due to BS, and their roommate can't work bc they are home sick with COVID-19 from working a service job.

Hot Take: I’m completely fine with people pretending to be systems/have DID existing, idk what it could possibly hurt as a form of self therapeutic play

like, sometimes your body does it on its own to protect you… so why not use it as a tool on purpose if it helps you? if it’s hurting you or causing trouble in your life then yeah, seek outside help perhaps, but if not? who is anybody to tell you no?

this all comes back down to my philosophical question of “why can’t people just be cool”

work suffering caps 

please it's like we're on picrew all over again

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