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selfad, commission announcement Hey, my commissions have been open for a bit but I've organized them here on commissio!

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(Art EC) So we both finally finished updating our sonas, which is a lot of fun because we've drifted so far from "pony' that while 'horse alien' seems to be our MO, we're just kind of... creatures.

Sucks to have the personal boat rocked but now I get to tell everyone that the bad feeling that Luna had a month ago wasn't unfounded!

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At least the folks who got canned got 4 (+1 per year worked) weeks severance and 3 months of benefits out the door?

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So yeah uh. We were loyal to Carvana for a bit but it's really hard to take a company seriously when 2500 FOLKS GOT FIRED OVER A ZOOM MEETING.

We still have a job but jeez it might've been better not to the company doesn't even look like it'll be solvent in a year :I

re: Work *ouch*. 

People weren't even allowed to talk about it, it was a huge Russian Roulette on who stays and who gets let go, and dodging a bullet doesn't exactly inspire confidence in us staying in the company! The only good thing about it is that if we do get downsized, we'll get a month's severance pay.

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Work *ouch*. 

We just survived a 2500 person layoff at Carvana, fucking *ouch* that that happened at all, though.

Reminder that rainbow LEDs in your pc do nothing to increase performance! If you want a better pc, put that money towards single color lighting, as each one has a different effect on pc performance. Blue helps cool the tower, red makes it run faster but hotter, and green gives you health regen. DON'T FALL FOR RAINBOW LEDs

If the united states had any honor left in it, it would award medals to milfs, but it doesn't, so we know ontologically that it must be evil

Every mentally ill queer person exists on a spectrum from my little pony to Bojack horseman

Alright, we finally got new pants and I think we may be on our way to kill god.


We're girls but to say that girl is a superset of our gender is absolutely incorrect because there's so much gender that can't FIT in our bodies which is why I'm moon fae and Luna's a space beast wyd.

I just wanna live in a place with cute gay transgender people and keep learning as much as possible

nvidia clips everything I do in fortnite so I gotta go through and delete all the trash

75% of Americans oppose overturning Roe. Someone telling you to “vote” is spitting in your fucking face

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