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I know I'm not doing the hard stuff yet, but I'm just loving the exercises I keep getting for python.

"Determine whether a given string is a palindrome" fuck yes.

Work gripe 

I generally operate on the assumption that we're all on the same team (at least people who are below management are) and that we should help each other when possible.

But I don't like the guy and I see him near-fighting with a user in the ticket notes for a laptop I released and I decide "yeah, no, gonna let him deal with this"

I'm not good at drawing stack diagrams. They make my basic math skills go away.

it took me ages to realize that the joke for the pickup line "If I told you you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" was the trap of the answer being "No, I don't resent the question" or "Yes, I will hold my body against you."

Offscreen violence, shitpostery 

i was reminded of a shitpost video I made for my friends after I showed them Lawnmower Man. Y'all get to see it now.


I'm beginning to suspect this instance is in the pocket of
Big Glaceon

is V Rising any good? I want to try it, but I want to avoid getting Valheimed by it.

I love my cat and he makes my heart go wild because literally every personality trait he has that I like I had to reveal by getting him to trust and love me first.


Hate the idea that if I wore any top even remotely short or cropped then I look like an idiot who can't dress themselves and if a skinny person does it, it's a hot tasteful showing of skin

I'm gonna play Meta Knight's Revenge at home to get that sweet soundtrack in a non-public environment.

Work gripe 

I just did an hour of detective work to figure out that the tech bar fucked up and sent out a laptop that a different user turned in without checking or doing anything that would have told them "hey this needs to go to the service center"

Ugh. Focus closed tusky and wiped out my angry work rant

I just realized how much easier it's going to be to get screenshots off of the retroid than the rg. I can probably just set up a sync folder on the device itself cuz it's Android and let it do it automatically when I turn wifi on.

I need a pocket that's the right dimensions to hold a few things that isn't going to just bend the crap out of them but my only option is basically a fanny pack

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I know that I can't leave things out of sight because I will forget them, I left my field book in my fucking bag and I didn't enter anything into it for a week.

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