It's still amazing to me that AVGN occupies a space in my mind that is wholesome enough that seeing Rolfe make a jerk-off motion feels out of character.


Work gripe 

My work is adopting a VPN client that can't be minimized to try, only to taskbar. I can't imagine any of these Very Technologically Literate bankers will have trouble understanding the difference, and in the very unlikely event they do, they'll be completely reasonable of the fact that they just accidentally killed their work session and be Very Respectful to the tech assigned to help them

Work gripe, 

They pushed out a change to the VPN software that everybody uses to connect when working remotely, and this probably changes the process I need to follow when I image and configure a new machine.

However I have not been told of any changes, so there's a good chance any machine I make and released today will come back to me, unusable.

I love that the catalyst for the diverging paths in front mission 3 is whether or not you miss an email

Do you ever worry that someone you know in one place on the internet has crossed over to another place you're on the internet, but they don't know you like the Way You Are In The Other Place?

Kicking up front mission 3 to run at 110% speed makes it much more bearable but the text/image only cutscenes then run too fast.

Je Suis Triste

@junebug I take Metal Gear Solid and make a tactical mech RPG out of it. Build your own squad of metal gears and take out enemy ones.

My own answers to the above poll 

"Grab a bite" specifically conjures to mind a hamburger, imo.

"Chow" makes me think of basically dog food, but "Chow down" does nothing.

"Snack" reminds me of those crackers and cheese dip prepackaged things that you break one off and throw into a lunchbox.

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Question, does certain food-related slang conjure to mind specific foods for you?

For instance, the words "Chow", "Grub", "Nosh", or the phrases "Grab a bite", "Chow Down", "Dig in"?

Feel free to add phrases and foods below as examples.

God I love Front Mission 3 but it suffers from the same problem a lot of games in early 3D era had in that the cutscenes are just too dang slow-paced, and kinda revel in the "look what we can do!" Stuff. i just wanna do robot tactics and shoot arms off and stuff.

Mmm. Front mission 3 on the train. Maybe I'll get through the whole game this time. Has to be a fresh save today, though, bc I don't have my old one.

I don't watch baseball on TV but I would like to go to the occasional game at Comiskey

Everyone talks about how receiving scritchies is good, but nobody talks about how being a scritchies giver has profound mental benefits such as:
"This lil dude is my buddy" class dopamine
"Big soft" vibes

Tragically, I don't think I'll be able to play star fox 64 on my retroid because of the usual reason of "N64 controller b fucky".

Thankfully I can just play it at home with my N64>USB adapter.

Having an emotion over my cat this morning 

Boss is sick right now. Infection in his mouth means that when he was eating food, he was in pain.

We took him to the vet, they gave us painkillers and antiinflammatories and antibiotics. Boss, however, was refusing food left out for him, and he's not the kind of cat we can just squirt it down his throat.

However, this animal, who's known me for about nineteen months, who is now afraid of food dishes because of his infection, still trusts food given from me to him by hand, and it's the only way I can give him his medicine.

So even though it's only been a short time, the fact that he trusts me so makes me want to cry.

Elden Ring opinion, Melania specifically 

I seen a lot of takes of people belittling souls bros for actually playing their hard game? Like, specifically Melania, who I've discovered is as hard as her reputation asserts.

But like, a lot of these takes are missing a crucial piece of the puzzle in that solving a Souls boss like her (And others, like Kalameet, Sir Alonne, Nameless King, etc), the real "prove you've mastered this game" bosses are actually a joy to pick apart and beat?

Like, I've always lived firmly in the camp that Souls games are puzzle games where the puzzles are combat. To me, a boss like Melania is the final exam.

If you're not coming to these games for that, that's fine! There's plenty of ways to mitigate her. There's no shame in using them, because Elden Ring is as much a story and exploration game is it is a combat game.

Beating her, for me, isn't a glory thing, the only person I'm trying to beat is myself. I want to be able to say "I managed to pick her apart and then played 3 minutes of perfect chess against her" not so I can post on twitter and get back pats; I want to do it for the same reason I say I beat The Witness, or Obra Dinn. The experience of doing so teaches me something, and the satisfaction of overcoming it will stick with me for a long while.

So yeah, it's fine not to like her, but I think calling her a Bad Boss fight because you disagree, personally, with the objective set out by her creation is a tad much.

Also, the people whose only response to criticism or difficulty talk of souls games is "git gud" continue to be ruining it for everyone else.

Now I search for another game to play on my retroid

In short, I recommend Mother 3, but only if you can tolerate heavy themes around death, suicide, PTSD, and occasional stumbles in the realm of mental health, disability, and gender/sexuality.

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