Every time I see a guy in a white/grey suit with a red dress shirt it activates a gamer neuron in my brain.

I'm still not sold on the new Pokemon yet. However.


Is this a trick? Am I supposed to realize that trying this is dumb? I don't know what this equation means OUTSIDE of python, I have no hope of evaluating it inside of it.

Offscreen violence, shitpostery 

i was reminded of a shitpost video I made for my friends after I showed them Lawnmower Man. Y'all get to see it now.

Never did show off my stickerbombed laptop. I needed to differentiate it as personal property since it's similar to the ones we have at work. I'll probably put more on as well in the future. (Explanations in alt text)


This is pretty much what happened to me.

I made the tomatoes yesterday. Cored, halved, insides removed, tossed in olive oil with fresh garlic, basil, and some oregano. Roasted in a pie pan at 375 for about an hour.

Served on French bread with mozzarella. Fuckin delicious.

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They're quite nice for being roughly $2 per. They're 16.5cm tall and 9.5cm wide, with the pages dropping about a half cm off of those measurements. Each one is 40 sheets/80 pages, and they have a 3mm grid on every sheet.

The paper is light and smooth (my pilot v5 is faintly visible through it), but only the faintest pen impressions make it through. Ymmv depending on how heavy you write. I colored a heavy dot and it made it through onto the next sheet, so bleed through is of some concern.

It fits nicely in the pocket, and has a hatched texture on its hard cover, which lays flat. The pages aren't hard to make lay down, either, but it's easy to write while holding.

I plan to have one live in my pocket for a while, so I'll report on wear and tear as need be, but I think it's quite lovely for a cheap little field book. I got mine 10 for $21 dollars, but the individuals can sell for as much as $6.

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Got a blurry picture of the weird arch I can see from the train. I dunno what it's for but it sure looks haunted

Here's a picture of Big Boss. 16 months ago he was a street lad, now he's a comfy boy.

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That might seriously have been the strongest super auto pets team I've ever had.

When the last fight started, I had a combined 239 attack power on my side.

Going to go with this as my icon for a while! I had fun doing this.

re: Steam Deck 

Side note: Oh my god, they give you a keyboard in that ugly-ass green that steam used to be. I love it.

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re: Steam Deck 

Another screenshot of the BIOS update, uncaptioned.

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