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I follow if:

✅ Cute
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This account is for
✅ Cuteposting
✅ Hornyposting
✅ Nerd shit.

I don't know why, but the cutscene that introduced Marx straight up didn't play. So he just showed up out of nowhere at the end.

girls will literally enjoy the smooth refreshing taste of A&W Root Beer

Work gripe, 

I'm pretty sure 95% of our issues come down to lack of training and lack of staff. I can't train everybody who comes through, but I generally try to make sure anyone new I speak with knows what they have to do, and who to speak to if they don't know what to do.

But like, problem b there ensures I can't do that every time.

My coworker correctly says that I'm basically setting myself up to be an overworked and unpaid manager if I keep this up and uurrrgh I just want people to quit bothering me when other techs fuck up.

Amore, with the root word -mor , meaning love, from the Latin "Morbius", meaning "greatest movie of all time"

Work gripe, 

Once again, I look like an idiot because I hand a machine off to the tech bar, with it CLEARLY LABELED WITH THE PARTNER'S NAME and when they go there to pick it up, tech bar can't find it.

D&D, long post 

Unrelated to Kirby, in a recent d&d session one of the other player characters had to make a very hard decision on whether to let someone who wronged her very personally (had her hanged, she was reincarnated and has lived with some serious dysmorphia and trauma since) live or die, upon finding out that the reason he did it was... Actually very strong.
(Her death and others would spur some of the very powerful families into action against the corrupt dragonborn government).
It turned out that this guy's actions across the board altered the course of each party member's life, by sowing seeds of rebellion, each of us getting caught up in them.
We let him live, and the next morning during breakfast my character offered her (and everyone) some wine. But it was specifically a bottle stolen from a corrupt Baron's house, the baron whose actions my character was blamed for. The Baron was a turncoat that sold out rebel nobles who were trying to turn against the government. He had one of the nobles assassinated and my character got blamed for it.

I stole the bottle as a 1-off joke (fuck this guy, I'm stealing his wine) and it turned into a very small but personally connecting moment for us. I'm real happy with it.

So I never played MWW before today and I gotta say I love "collecting abilities as cards" as a mechanic.

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Meta Knight's Revenge is still really fun. The only time I ran out of time was the final escape. Milky way wishes time

I don't have enough faith in my recursion as I wrote about 20 more lines than I needed to.
I admit, I didn't fully understand the prompt, but WHUFF did I overshoot this.

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I feel like theis exercise wants me to do it a specific way but I can't figure out what that way is so I'm going to do it my, probably very fucked up way and then see how far off the money I am.

You know, it would be at postage stamp size but I could probably play DS games on this

I'm still hella not out with my queer stuff but I like the idea of stealth repping it

There's something I want to try in python but I need to get to the point where I learn about tables/arrays and their implementations in python.

programming question, feel free to answer or ignore but I'ma sleep on it, 

Gah. I don't understand this python question, but that's because I don't know what they mean with the equation in it. Something something recursion but I don't know.

A number, a, is a power of b if it is divisible by b and a/b is a power of b.

Like, I don't understand. It would always return false, because you've asked me to recur infinitely downwards until I hit something that isn't a power of b??

4 is a power of 2 because 4 is divisble by 2 but (4/2)/2 isn't because 1 is not a power of 2?

9 is a power of 3 because 9 is divisible by 3 but then (9/3)/3 isn't because 1 is not a power of 3?

bleh. Gonna sleep on this and see if it makes sense in the morning.

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