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Hello, I'm Colin!

I'm big into video and tabletop games, lots of tech things, and being big comf.

Does it fuck anyone else up to think about the fact that there's probably places on earth where trapped water has probably been sitting for longer than you've been alive? Maybe longer than your whole bloodline?

Going to write 2000 words on the poetic nature and intrigue of dead ends in video games.

It's an "The entirety of Mouth Dreams" kind of morning.

I don't wanna play it again, but I wanna re-listen to all the discussions the main cast have

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 was a fun but very rough and kinda bad shooter, but it had better dialogue than like 95% of the games in its genre.

Like, I could not tell you the name of the major antagonist but I can remember the dialogue where the group butchers the origin of the phrase "break a leg", or four grown men each try and fail to be witty about someone's death because they're all trying to talk over each other.

Like, time and time again the big publishers forget that nobody cares about the fate of the world as much as they will care about your group of weirdos if you give them literally any endearing traits.

I just love that game for how your unintentional decisions matter just as much as your intentional ones.

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Unrelated, I was watching a best of Lets Play for Disco Elysium, and I do love the fact that EVERYONE i've seen reach the final area loses their shit at all the revelations.

Metroid Dread Spoilers 

Do not tell me the answer to this, but I am really hoping my favorite metroid boss, The Nightmare, shows up in this, even though lorewise, it has no reason to.

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Needless to say, I am greatly enjoying Metroid Dread. I hope it sticks the landing.

Metroid Dread Spoilers 

Every new boss in this is immediately "Oh this shit's cool"
followed by
and then
"Yeah that was cool actually"

that fuckin' bloodborne thing guarding the reactor was a neat fight but man did I not like half its attacks.


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Metroid Dread Spoilers 

"The X have spread across the entire planet"
Okay I know they reproduce fast, but holy fucking shit, I let them out literally an hour ago.

I knew this planet had to go the moment I saw that the door was still open, but DAMN i thought I had more time.

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Metroid Dread Spoilers 

I like the Emmi as a concept, and most of them are cool. but I hate this one in particular.

I'll never not hear that e1m1 - at doom's gate and zero's theme from MegaMan x1 have the exact same melody

I wanna make videos again. I need to make videos again. I should just word vomit into a microphone and then try to put images and footage to it instead of trying to write a script with my limited time

I have to sleep but I want to play more Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread Spoilers, 

I gotta say, the story progression in Metroid Dread might be my favorite. If it sticks the landing. It's good to be a fusion fan right now.

D&D, vaguely long 

My favorite dungeon trap I ever deployed was:

The dungeon is the tomb of a legendary fool. One room is enchanted to make people's pants fall down (Including the loincloth wearing barbarian, who somehow gained a pair of heart-print boxers). Your movement is halved while your pants, and you have disadvantage on checks involving your legs.

There's archers on the other side, shooting at you, from across a gap. There's a single belt hanging from a rope in the middle of the room. You put it on, and it's a belt of switching gender.

Keeps your pants up, though.

Metroid Dread Spoilers 

I love how they double down on Samus is a Professional First and a Human Third.

The way she fights and how's she's ready to kill on sight most of the time just feels exactly the right kind of energy. Throw into that some of her body language is just downright weird for humans.

I'm all about it.

There is something tender about the kind of friendship where you see someone hanging out by themselves in a small discord voice channel and know that it's a passive invitation to come and chat if you want.

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