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I follow if:

✅ Cute
✅ Good vibes
✅ Cool Interests

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This account is for
✅ Cuteposting
✅ Hornyposting
✅ Nerd shit.

Ough. Feeling junky today to the point of thinking about trying to bail 15 minutes early and hurry to the train so I can get more time to nap

It's still wild to me that some people don't scroll up to read the night's happening in group chats. I'm not even talking about big ones, I'm talking about "a couple of friends or a dnd group have a chat" and they'll just repost something that's not even six messages up

Chainsawman, most recent chapter, violence 

Holy shit. I know expecting bad things is par for the course but goddamn. "I like you, don't come to school tomorrow."


I'd never post junk on the TL, cw'd or otherwise, but maybe I'll post tummy if I'm feeling myself later

I must have gotten myself API limited or something after the mass delete because I can't add accts to lists through my usual bird app

It's okay I know you're all too madly in love with me for this joke to respond

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They're rivals with my city's football team of large hairy gay men. Must be a good time at games!

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I can't believe the entire green bay football team is transmasc, good for them

It's funny and also bums me out that tomb of the mask is so fun. Even if you completely disable network capability on it, it's so transparently built to funnel you to earn it money.

Disabling network also adds like a solid 30 seconds to initial boot as it tries and fails to talk to its servers

That's one of those AoEs that either hurts or heals you depending on the target

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Omnidirectional flirtposting 

So, wanna make some shepherd's pie in my electric oven?

In nicer work things, the cafeteria at work has switched from a whack heat buffalo sauce to something like a Nashville hot chicken for their spicy chicken sandwich.

I am ignoring this problem in my inbox. Stepping in front of this particular speeding bus isn't going to help me and I feel like the outcome will be just as bad as ignoring it

I've had that Twitter account since like 2007, I'm CERTAIN I tweeted something garbage when I was a teenager that I no longer believe.

Little idiot didn't even know he was queer

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you know what fuck it. I'm just deleting any tweets older than a year.

It also might require an intense background check so I might have to go clean up my Twitter tl just in case they find it.

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Applied to a job that I have an in for that I probably don't want. If it's better for me overall I might take it but it's going to double my commute in either duration or intensity, and I'm just. Not looking for that.

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