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Hello, I'm Colin!

I'm big into video and tabletop games, lots of tech things, and being big comf.

God, my previous job didn't pay me as much but I had weekends where I could choose to do nothing because I got it done during the week.

Anyone who would choose fish-top/human-bottom mermaid is a moron and anyone who would choose human-top/fish-bottom mermaid is a coward
Choose your destiny monster fuckers

I received less fries than usual from the two people who work the grill in the work cafeteria

What did I do wrong

Did I offend you?


I just saw the PC gamer article about bitcraft.

First of all, way to not sound like an app store knockoff of Minecraft.

Second I really adore the idea of a free-for-all MMO in theory but in practice they always end up either too locked down or too on fire.

I really wanted to like Albion online but I joined day two of open beta and had to walk for like an hour to find a property that wasn't guild owned.

Conversely, no rules just means you'll end up with players constantly destroying what everyone builds, like rust or that one Minecraft server.

If people will DDOS a game for fun, imagine what they'll do if they can wreck things in-game.

That said, I still want to hold out hope that it threads the needle.

I was early to work today and I've taken a short lunch but I know I'd never be allowed to leave early, so I'll just find an extra 15 minutes to sit on the can.

I want to put the word "Telling" on the no-no shelf next to problematic and gaslighting because I hate Twitter and frankly taking those other words away didn't inconvenience them enough

Is there a version of Tetris on Android that doesn't have eighty ads and $80 microtransactions

I wouldn't want to buy an automatic stapler and wire it up to ethernet because I want the iconic look of a swingline.

It would be a challenge to squeeze Ethernet and a motor of some kind into that form factor.

I could probably power it with power over ethernet, though.

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I had the dumbest idea, but now I wanna look into it.

I keep seeing staplers at work with a back that, from a distance, as one walks by, looks like an Ethernet port.

"What possible use could there be for a networked stapler?"

I dunno, but I wanna make one.

Long post, griping about work 

Actually I'm mistaken about one thing!

I get emails about every issue from every team I'm assigned to, and because of the shitty way permissions work, in order to do my job, I'm assigned to teams in Florida, the Midwest, California, all sorts of shit!

So I'm getting the emails assigned to about 20 different teams, no exaggeration. Again, this totals out to about 10.5K automatic emails a month.


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Long post, griping about work 

Today concludes my month long experiment to see just how useless the email list for tickets at my job is.

Between august 16th and today, the folder I set up to auto-receive every single email except ones marked high priority has received nearly 10,400 emails.

The entire point of such a list, I imagine, is to notify and allow tracking of issues. But because every email is sent to every person on the team every time an issue or request is made, it is functionally worse than useless.

If you don't set up a rule in your email to filter them out, you end up with an unusable inbox, which actively drags down your productivity because now you have to scrub through them for literally every communication.

In the course of writing this post, 10 more emails have appeared. By 1 pm, the experiment's proper conclusion, I may reach 10,500.

It's wild to me that something so obviously harmful to getting things done is allowed to keep running that way. Literally give me half an hour and I could draw up a plan to fix it on half a used napkin.

This place is a joke, lol.

I need to go back to finish Dragon quest 11 at some point. I put it down when I lost my job and had to can a bunch of subscriptions, including PC game pass.

On the plus side, I left it right around the perfect point for a break, which is after the thing happens at the place and then the fish thing happens.

I am buzzing with anticipation about the handheld emulation console that's on its way to me

And also a lot of caffeine

One of those was a mistake

Divine Intervention is such a funny mechanic in d&d because it has terrible odds of working and every time it doesn't your DM has to come up with excuses as to why your God is particularly busy at that moment.

So my plans for when I get home later are:

-Make a bunch of ice cream base
-Dig out a jacket
-Pet my kitty (important)

Actually I have a decent jacket in storage, just the wrists on it are a bit ragged... Hm...

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I need a nice jacket to wear to work now. I don't think I have any nice zip up hoodies, only pullovers and ragged zip ups.

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