my boyfriend is about to get out of the shower and i'm gonna push him down and jump on top of him when he gets down here

hey have i ever shown you guys my Other fursona??

this is Mila

(art by FurBakery)

do you ever catch yourself blowing on your ice cream

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okay let's go back to thinking about how my boyfriend would look in a posture collar

i don't hate my job but i do hate being on my feet for 8 hours

he might have some Frenchie in him but just because he's merle doesn't mean he's part catahoula

he wouldn't look Like A Pug if he was

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,,,they just called this pug a catahoula mix

there's no way

i wonder if im doing more computer training this morning

lowkey i hope so

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do i like being called Daddy??

more at 11

i'm glad my dog is actually excited to go to daycare with me today instead of being anxious about coming with me

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thinking about how pretty my boyfriend would look in a posture collar

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