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During this present heyday of “misinformation bad” and social media Official Fact Checks I’m remembering the time the Washington Post fact checked bernie saying three people have more wealth than the bottom half of Americans by saying “well actually the bottom half of Americans have no wealth at all so this is a lie”

New YouTube channel called Linus Tech Tip: it's exactly the same as Linus Tech Tips, but whenever a video is uploaded the previous one is deleted.

The best part about Dungeons and Dragons is the s on Dragon like hell yea I get more than one scaley friend

are the people in bugsnax vegans or carnivores? :blobthinkingeyes:

fun sonic facts 

this would make him not only the fastest thing alive, but the fastest thing period.

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fun sonic facts 

in sonic colors DS, it's confirmed that sonic can potentially move faster than the speed of light, it's supposedly even easy for him to do this.

jokes I would make if I were nonbinary and also had a lopunny fursona 

binary? more like buneary am I right? haha :buneary:

Don't you hate it when you write out your whole post in the wrong field? 



feeling a little bit better today, but still feel poor


just about to finish my first watch-through of half life VR but the AI is self-aware and I can't believe that I'm watching Gordon Feetman arguing with G-man over Chuck E' Cheese's being a restaurant or not.


I left to get a snack and then everyone was gone did I make everyone leave?

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