half life but the resonance cascade doesn't happen and you spend the next 4 hours doing a write up on the results of the high purity sample experiment.

when (if) I come out I'm putting a transbian flag in my closet door.
if anyone comes by I'm not out to I'll say "it's about time this comes out of the closet." and take it out.

optimal pokemon game by someone who barely plays pokemon 

first half is the story section. there's no gyms or anything, just pure story content. earlier gen pokemon are scarce, you have to use the new ones to get acquainted.
after/close to completing the main story, the game opens up to gyms and Elite Four. you can complete gyms in any order. all the pokemon are available and level scale based on how many gyms you've beaten. legendaries are available for capture, but aren't level scaled the same way.

yes I like Unova how can you tell?

re: ~ 

@Kaffe no, this makes sense, its more or less about knowing how bad something is rather than the horrible anxiety of not knowing if something is even worth worrying about.

communist dragons be like
*hoards the means of production*

@SerenaBeancatte kdenlive is always my go-to.
it's slightly buggy on Windows, tho.

@heatherhorns @AshBunny just because they're trying to follow you doesn't mean they're friendly, it just means that they want to know what and when you post (probably to harass you).

That gender you got at birth? That's just a tutorial gender. You're only supposed to use it to get the hang on this world's gender system and then ditch it for a stronger one, not use it your entire life, noob

@monorail better question: what's something you would do for 5$ that you wouldn't for 10$

@Kaffe It's complicated, just keep going and you'll see.

modded minecraft, request 

I'm starting a modded minecraft 1.16.4 playthrough soon, do any of y'all have any mod suggestions?

Favourite mods, or mods I might not have heard of?

(Using the forge mod loader, so I can't access fabric mods, unfortunately)


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