tech help 

anyone who knows better about networking know if upgrading a router would potentially help with internet speed on a wired connection? the only thing I see when I look it up is articles talking about wifi, even when I exclude the term in results.
it seems like my router might be bottlenecking packets but I'm not sure.


final fantasy xiv: a realm reborn (in Christ) πŸ™ πŸ˜”


I need money in order to cover the expenses of the life decisions that would lead to my happiness
I can't get money, because my job doesn't pay me past what I use to survive
I can't get a well-paid job because the requirements for those jobs require money I don't have
therefore I will never be happy.

test stream went ok. got a few kinks sorted out, and I think I might be able to stream more regularly from now on

twitch test stream 

gonna be doing a test stream on twitch
please hop by and provide some feedback on the stream layout and quality.
(I am very nervous aaa)

wanna do a test stream tonight but too anxious aaaa

Tough recent experience with family and politics 

@sharkNserg I am sorry you've had to deal with this. it really sucks to lose a relationship, even if it's one you only thought you had.

making fun of DC comics Batman 

"hey Bruce, why don't you just use your absurd abundance of wealth to create a mental health institution that seeks out supervillains and helps them understand they can use their unique living conditions and abilities for the greater good of the people?"
"that's dumb, I'm gonna give the villains to the proven-dysfunctional city government after I beat them up while wearing spandex. here's 20 billion dollars, I need a batcopter, for reasons."

I don't understand people who look up to the joker.
the guy can say the most profound shit this generation has ever seen and he'd still just be a clown that gets repeatedly beat up by a furry.

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