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they are very good
if I could pet them all day, I surely would.

they are very cute
every time I see their face I always boop their snoot

from their head to tail
I appreciate them with a force to rival every gale

with tails that move and sway
their wings are nice and make me gay
happy dragon appreciation day!

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honestly, my gender basically just boils down to two of three things:

big tiddy

if anything has two of these it's automatically gender. bonus if it's all three.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about my

Hi! I'm Lizzy, I'm a transgirl scalie who's into 3D modeling and video games, as well as 3D video and game modeling.

I just moved instances from snouts, but if you knew me from there you'd know that my personality is comprised of 90% shitposts 5% dealing with past trauma and 5% dealing with current trauma.

my favorite video game series is La-Mulana and I play at least one of the games annually.

I rarely play competitive games, not because I'm bad at them, but because people depending on me gives me anxiety.

Usually my 3D artworks are sculpts, but I like mesh modeling sometimes, too!

I hope we can be friends! (I kinda need some tbh :blobsmilesweat2:​)

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what if you were questioning if you're trans and then you try to double jump as a joke and you do it

"Try or try not. There is no do."
- executive dysfunction yoda

aang is a kobold and appa is a dragon, are there any queries?

feel free to think about glaceons. you are allowed


pretty telling that my phone dictionary doesn't consider "blockchain" to be a real word

*Sharla Xenoblade voice* "my girlfriend's getting hotter!"

alert alert

blahaj is now available for delivery from IKEA in the UK

Hey jsyk there’s an ongoing psyop going on on birdsite where people pretend to be white trans people saying racist shit

It’s pretty obvious to spot that these accounts are fake if you look at some handles (cw for "hidden" racial slur in one of them) and their bio, but it’s so easy on Twitter to dunk on somebody saying stupid shit without taking a look at those

thank you @keliff for this incredible depiction of me and the first art of myself drawn

the problem with vanilla survival Minecraft for me is that there's just not enough content. if you know what you're doing, you can get top level gear in less than 6 hours and there's not much more that you can do outside of building things, and if you're in single player there's not much incentive for that.

I've never done pvp servers before so idk how much that changes things.

every time I'm on YouTube and there's an art thing I immediately want to go and make something in the same medium and you'd think it would be fine since that's usually only one medium at once, but I watched Lego, Photoshop, and Clay Modeling last night and it also reminded me that I wanted to see about felting and oh no

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