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Oh yeah, I forgot about my

Hi! I'm Lizzy, I'm a transgirl scalie who's into 3D modeling and video games, as well as 3D video and game modeling.

I just moved instances from snouts, but if you knew me from there you'd know that my personality is comprised of 90% shitposts 5% dealing with past trauma and 5% dealing with current trauma.

my favorite video game series is La-Mulana and I play at least one of the games annually.

I rarely play competitive games, not because I'm bad at them, but because people depending on me gives me anxiety.

Usually my 3D artworks are sculpts, but I like mesh modeling sometimes, too!

I hope we can be friends! (I kinda need some tbh :blobsmilesweat2:​)

if you feel bad asking for help remember how good it feels to give help

youtube recommendations bumpin rn please enjoy bad apple but it's 30fps youtube captions


Decided to do a run through where I finally beat it for real

I'm not quite finished yet, but I made it into the new nether, and I'm currently searching for a fortress.

four things:
1. fuck hoglins
2. fuck the fact that you lose all your items on death
3.fuck the fact that piglins can just fucking wear your diamond armor that you dropped on death
4. praise the fire protection enchant when you accidentally fall in lava, dear god

that is all.

for a while I was thinking of moving to Japan because apparently they're typically chill with gay people and there's cool shit there, but then I found out it was somehow even more capitalist than America and suddenly I lost interest.

baba is you level 

Idk what tier of level this qualifies for considering I knew the solution before it existed, but I'm pretty sure it's decently low.

still, I like the gimmick.

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baba is you level 


It wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I was making it initially, but I kinda like it. it's like a late early-game level.

thanks to a certain someone I am now aware that baba is you has a publicly accessible level editor.

I already have a level idea in mind but I have no idea how to properly implement it. designing a good puzzle seems harder than actually playing the game.

work -, us pol, fascism 

good to hear my boss joking about carrying an army to congress and giving Trump a fucking throne.

and I can't fucking leave because the job market is in shambles.

fucking hell.

decided to get started on dragon form Lizzy, since it was appreciate a dragon day.
for an hour sculpt with only a single texture, I'm VERY proud about how this is turning out.

you may now appreciate me properly. :dragnmlempeek:

I like how steam has become a pseudo-social-media platform thanks to community content.

what if mario just used all of his extra lives at once to create an army of marios

half life but the resonance cascade doesn't happen and you spend the next 4 hours doing a write up on the results of the high purity sample experiment.

when (if) I come out I'm putting a transbian flag in my closet door.
if anyone comes by I'm not out to I'll say "it's about time this comes out of the closet." and take it out.

optimal pokemon game by someone who barely plays pokemon 

first half is the story section. there's no gyms or anything, just pure story content. earlier gen pokemon are scarce, you have to use the new ones to get acquainted.
after/close to completing the main story, the game opens up to gyms and Elite Four. you can complete gyms in any order. all the pokemon are available and level scale based on how many gyms you've beaten. legendaries are available for capture, but aren't level scaled the same way.

yes I like Unova how can you tell?

communist dragons be like
*hoards the means of production*

That gender you got at birth? That's just a tutorial gender. You're only supposed to use it to get the hang on this world's gender system and then ditch it for a stronger one, not use it your entire life, noob

modded minecraft, request 

I'm starting a modded minecraft 1.16.4 playthrough soon, do any of y'all have any mod suggestions?

Favourite mods, or mods I might not have heard of?

(Using the forge mod loader, so I can't access fabric mods, unfortunately)


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