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Oh yeah, I forgot about my

Hi! I'm Lizzy, I'm a transgirl scalie who's into 3D modeling and video games, as well as 3D video and game modeling.

I just moved instances from snouts, but if you knew me from there you'd know that my personality is comprised of 90% shitposts 5% dealing with past trauma and 5% dealing with current trauma.

my favorite video game series is La-Mulana and I play at least one of the games annually.

I rarely play competitive games, not because I'm bad at them, but because people depending on me gives me anxiety.

Usually my 3D artworks are sculpts, but I like mesh modeling sometimes, too!

I hope we can be friends! (I kinda need some tbh :blobsmilesweat2:​)

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no particular reason just not feeling up for another day of work and stuff

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new form and new refsheet by the amazing @chr

I will never be over this <3 <3 <3 thank you again, you incredible dragon, you

programming language but it's just minecraft redstone

multifur, sketch 

You're gonna lose soooooo bad.

I wonder what will happen to the person who keeps selling linux distros as Windows 12 when Microsoft actually inevitably makes a Windows 12

how difficult is it to set up your own masto instance

to be clear, not a crypto thing. no blockchains needed, basically just a user name and password with a single float variable

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you know, it would actually be kinda neat to have a digital currency that's just for shits and giggles and has no actual value

Trans & nonbinary people: How would you feel about a cis person using they/them or other gender neutral pronouns/neopronouns? :boost_ok:

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