@Kaffe they could have shown the t-rex demo but no

@Kaffe On SNES...
We only get 1 bunni...

2 bunni..........

@ocean @Kaffe it looks crude but it was 3D acceleration in 1994 back when that wasn't really an option for the average consumer. The first 3D acceleration cards for PC came out a year later in 1995 and only started becoming common in 1996.

Also buns are *amazing* :buncouple:

@Polychrome @Kaffe

When it came out PS1 slammed all the competition for sure.
Sony hasn't been as industry leading since as far as specs go

@Kaffe I remember staring at the Link to the Past triforce animation, with my mind thoroughly blown

@Kaffe not the most realistic graphics compared to those in our current era, but a welcome one nevertheless. :)

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