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honestly love the blacksmith/armorers guild leader person

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and now another ladybug just landed on my hand then flew off somewhere in my room

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Got home from a bike ride, sat down at my desk and felt itchy, went "huh, why's there a bump there" and lifted my shirt up and there was just a ladybug chilling under my shirt

they are now outside

is there a himbo but for girls?

I don't mean bimbo, I mean like a himbo (big, strong, but dumb and really nice) but a girl

nsfw explicit horse weenie shark octo adopt 

come bid to have big bobas fursona here:

scalesona?? sharksona??


is it still pegging if you're a trans girl and actually have a real dick

ok just unlocked dreadwyrm trance and summoner seems

really fun but its also already really complex at only level 58

holy shit so in the chat log filters in ff14 they have like a sample text for every different chat mode and:

how many unique tracks are there even in the ff14 soundtrack

its gotta be like the largest soundtrack for any game

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