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Anyway I'm uhhh kinda stressing right now and wanna not do that so hey what's up

$ begtoot therapy 

I’ve got $30 left but I have an outstanding balance of $43.02 that I need help paying off if anyone can help pls ;-;

sometimes I see screenshots of people's discord and they're in like 50 servers all with multiple direct notifications and like... How do you fuckin manage that

I've just barely been able to get over the urge to check every single message in a channel cuz I see the little "oh there's a new message posted" thing (mainly by just ignoring the server entirely)

I wish I could force my brain to just be like hey people will be honest with you but past trauma says no

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I hate feeling like I did something wrong to someone but not knowing what it was

everytime I set an alarm on my phone to wake up I just kinda gotta pray that it'll actually wake me up

Cuz like practically everytime I set one I'll wake up a bit before it goes off so I never know if it's like. loud enough to actually wake me up


ah yes of course, trans people don't actually exist they've just been manipulated by """"THEM"""" into thinking they are so they can make money off of HRT sales

how do people fuckin actually believe this stuff. Like it's one step to hate trans people, it's another to think that somehow we're all just like.. Somehow unaware that we're being forced into it so The Jews can profit??? These people are genuinely broken

idk why i always feel so short in vr but it feels nice

ever become hyperaware of the fact your eyes arent perfect spheres by feeling them as you move them around

lewd, vr games 

why yes i did download a vr titty physics simulator, is that a problem

so i may have a hot wolf lady vrchat model to setup tomorrow, and see if i can make look more roxy-like

does anyone else just have one folder on your hard drive where you keep everything

like.. fuck putting shit in program files or documents i just.. have a big folder with sub folders

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