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intro post 

Hiya! I'm Jayne, a nonbinary furball from Germany, and this is my primary poképosting zone. Please expect to see both cute and lewd thoughts, musings or whatever else comes to my mind here, not to mention commissioned art of all my critters~

If you'd like to see them, I have a (perpetually WIP) Toyhouse over here:

I'll also make a new art thread with everything I have soon, so look forward to that. 'w'

Please feel free to follow or interact with me or my characters in any way you'd like, as long as you're 18 or above. Minors: Please don't. 💜

Commission for @Jayne !!

Really proud of how this one came out!!

🌟Comments and Boosts appreciated🌟

Once again thinking about how soft, round and huggable Dragonites are... :blobmelt:

poll for Black people, boost ++ 

Poll meant at Black fedi users (newcomers and elders).

Would you be interested in joining a Black-only Masto instance* where older Fedi users could volunteer to give ✌🏾 trainings✌🏾 about online antiblack behavior, how to detect avoid/defend from them, sharing experiences + more general admin/moderation advice for people who would like to run Black/Indigenous instances?

*The instance would be completely defederated from the whole Fediverse, at least for the first weeks/months of its existence.

A friendly pheasant bard, passing through each city to share some tunes and stories from his travels!

Shares and feedback mean the world<3

Experimental art for @sockeye !!

might maybe open commissions for experimental art pieces, not all of them would look like this exactly but it would be different than my regular art

🌟comments and boosts appreciated🌟

POV nsfw furry art, cum on face 

What a good boy <3

Shares and feedback mean the world! Featuring @muttmusk <33

irl horny, tmi 


and might I add: Hhhhhh~

goty 2020 

To be fair, Little Hope is actually pretty decent, but unremarkable. RE3make might have had a shot if it didn't cost 60 bucks and/or wasn't such a glaring downgrade from 2.

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goty 2020 

Whoops, of the four new games I played, only two really managed to qualify.

pokéhorny, food mention 

Arcanine boyfriend, serving breakfast in bed and watching GDQ with you the entire day.

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Arcanine boyfriend, filing your taxes.

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Arcanine boyfriend, licking your face.

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commissioned art, sfw, pokémon, eye contact 

Pride Pup is here to blush and slowly work up the nerve to call you a cutie~ :heart_pride:


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Yes! Primarina is, in fact, quite yiffable!

Today's my 29th birthday, which is why I'm issuing an official decree for you to spend at least that many minutes thinking about your favorite Pokémon today.


Trainer Tips!

Sharing a warm bath or shower can greatly strengthen the friendship between you and your Pokémon!

NSFW Art, Pokemon, Feral Bits 

A wild Arcanine appeared!! What will you do??

Finished commission for @Jayne !!

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