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intro post 

Hiya! I'm Jayne, a nonbinary furball from Germany, and this is my primary poképosting zone. Please expect to see both cute and lewd thoughts, musings or whatever else comes to my mind here, not to mention commissioned art of all my critters~

If you'd like to see them, I have a (perpetually WIP) Toyhouse over here:

I'll also make a new art thread with everything I have soon, so look forward to that. 'w'

Please feel free to follow or interact with me or my characters in any way you'd like, as long as you're 18 or above. Minors: Please don't. 💜

SFW Art 

[F] Lucario
💙 Lucario because why not ?!! 💙
Fan-art of one of my most fav pokemon of all time!


► Art ©
Character (Lucario) - Pokemon | Nintendo

Sunny's Birthday, Minor Begpost 

Hey guys, my husbands birthday is on the 26th!!

I want to get him a present, but to do so i will need $100 (i'm not saying what the present is in case he looks at this, but you can message me if you're curious)

i'm open for commission if anyone is interested!! Otherwise, you can toss me a few bucks to help out here:

CashApp: $MuttMusk

Venmo: MuttMusk


Hey guys!! I'm trying to raise money to get my husband a birthday present!! His birthday is on the 26th, and I need $100 for the present i wanna get him

So!! I'm offering flat full bodies for $25 each, lineart will be colored and background will be a flat color!!

4/4 slots open!!

pokéhorny vignette, 2nd person 

Big sweetheart Feraligatr lying on their back, face buried in their claws and flushing deep red as you're working yet another finger into their slit…

NSFW furry art, lots of cum 

“I didn’t rough you up too bad, did I?”

Ft @nintendeer ! Super fun warmup<3

Interactions and thirsts are always welcome!

NSFW doodle, oral 

That didn’t take very long..

Free doodle for @Jayne ! <3

I need new commission examples, so I’m opening some discounted slots!

3 icon slots; $30 each (Usually $50!)

3 headshot slots; $10 each (usually $25!)

3 fullbody slots; $30 each (Usually $50!)

Check back for availability!

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NSFW commission slots! 

🌾✨Commissions OPEN!✨🌾

I’m open for all types, check out my prices and gallery for examples!

Dm me here, or on telegram under Sunnysockeye for any inquiries!

Wanna tip me? It helps a ton!

🌾✨Commissions OPEN!✨🌾

I’m open for all types, check out my prices and gallery for examples!

See thread below for discounted slots!

Dm me here, or on telegram under Sunnysockeye for any inquiries!

Wanna tip me? It helps a ton!

Nsfw art, riding, brat 

Introducing Milo the crow! I wanted a character who is a little more of a sub; so, here he is with @nintendeer ‘s game boy to demonstrate!

Sometimes you just need someone to push you over and climb on that dick till you calm down.

Shares, interactions and flirts welcome! <33

pokéromance(?) mini-vignette 

Lucario boyfriend, already clinging onto you for dear life before you've even left the dang truck.

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pokéromance(?) mini-vignette 

Lucario boyfriend, sitting in your lap and watching you play Phasmophobia while trembling incessantly.

alc, naruto (again) 

I am
1) mildly inebriated
2) continuing my casual Naruto re-watch
3) realizing that the only time Sasuke has ever been a sympathetic character was during his childhood flashbacks towards the end of the original anime/manga

oh boy more lewd furry art not drawn by me, featuring 🦌 

i've got my deersona drawn to be hella fuckin gay!

art by :o


Normalize chugging jug with your Pokémon.

nsfw oc musing 

I'm eternally torn between wanting my dragon OC to be a small-ish, loveable doofus or a big, incessantly horny fuckmonster...

it's naruto (sorry, not sorry) 

Does it have the same issues in regards to pacing as every anime and manga of its time does? Definitely. Does literally all of it completely fall apart about half of the way into Shippuden? No doubt about it. Yet, despite everything, I can't help but love it.

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it's naruto (sorry, not sorry) 

Naruto's Sasuke Retrieval Arc is still amazing, even well past a decade of its initial release. Whether you're reading the manga, watching it with the original Japanese VO, or the (surprisingly decent??) English dub, it still hits all the right notes and is *the* prime example of Shonen storytelling giving its side characters the right time to flourish and show off their off-screen development.

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