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For whatever reason I cannot get the account move feature to work, so if y'all wanna follow me on @Jemma that would be lit. Moving to selfhosting cause reasons™️

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the 10 commandments of not gatekeeping 

1. thou shalt not use jargon about thy craft with a lay audience.

2. thou shalt not discourage enthusiasm about thy craft.

3. thou shalt not define who is allowed practice thy craft.

4. thou shalt not draw lines between "legitimate" and "illegitimate" ways of practicing thy craft.

5. thou shalt embrace and allow new technologies and techniques in thy craft.

6. thou shalt not obfuscate the ways to get into thy craft.

7. thou shalt embrace and allow different ways of practicing thy craft that accommodate for disabilities.

8. thou shalt not place arbitrary demands on new people entering thy craft in order to consider them "true members" of thy community.

9. thou shalt communicate openly and honestly about thy craft with other people.

10. thou shalt not unfairly emphasize bad or difficult things about thy craft over good or easy things about it.

Finally working on building my website, found a css library with 1:1 recreations of the Windows 98 UI. We're gonna have some fun with this 👀

For whatever reason I cannot get the account move feature to work, so if y'all wanna follow me on @Jemma that would be lit. Moving to selfhosting cause reasons™️

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Birdsite link, nft bs 

Best part of this whole thing was the dudes reaction to when I said I'd do it lol

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Birdsite link, nft bs 

Lol so my pfp was stolen not too long ago and sold as an NFT collage, so I threatened to DMCA. Well after being sold for like 100k it was finally taken down lmao

Thoughts, maybe nsfw? 

I'm really tempted to post some personal art I made that I'm really proud of here, but it's my fursona being "little" and idk if that'd be too weird
Might make another account for that stuff, idk

I'm not one to typically do this, but I had some unexpected bills this month that wiped me out and I've got student loan payments coming up in a week that I can't afford. If y'all can spare even a little bit it helps a lot!$JemTanuki

Lmk if you donate and I'll try to make a little doodle as a thank you ❤️

Nsfw, art, furry, animated, 

Decided to actually download flipnote studio 3D on my new 3DS XL, haven't tried doing flipnotes since my original DSi bit the dust, So if course I had to go out of my way and animate my fursonas tiddies lmao

Nsfw thoughts, kinks 

I lowkey wanna spin up a personal fedi instance to post some more kinky nsfw content of myself and my art. I've tried Twitter in the past but I always get too paranoid of irl people finding it, but at the same time fedi tends to be smaller with little reach, and I don't want it to be completely unknown either.
Idk, just idle thoughts.

Lol I just realized I never updated my bio on here when I turned 20 back in May

Slightly NSFW, HRT 

Owwwwwwwww my fucking boobs hurt
this is ass
I wanted tiddy not pain

Slightly NSFW(?) 

How's everyone's evening going? I just repaired a 2009 24" Apple Cinema Display with a single T10 screwdriver and a dildo

At least the fediverse doesn't die when everything else goes down lmao

Yo what's up gamers I started HRT today
Where's my tiddies

Slight nsfw, birdsite link 


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lmao apparently someone asked the neopets people why "gay" is still hard filtered and you can't say it anywhere on the site

they... can't find it. they fully intend to let you say it but the site is held together with rubber bands and string. they are looking

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Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

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