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everyone wants to give lesbians a sword, but too few are asking which sword is the correct one, aesthetically and tactically, for the lesbian I care about

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Wii U Dev stuff, NSFW (yes, really) 

Okay so throwback to when I was working on Wara Wara Plaza, and I was testing the format for Miiverse drawings, and to see if I could do full color drawings, this was the first image I tested. Yes I know I'm a degenerate but I have no regrets

Ngl I was really excited for Android 11 on my S10, but Samsung didn't actually include any of the cool features that I was hoping for like Google Home in the power menu and literally the only visual change is the notification shade. Kinda disappointed tbh

mental health, dysphoria 

Ops I just got out of the shower and was doing my hair in the mirror when I started rapidly dissociating for like 5 minutes and almost completely broke down crying after anyways how’s your night going

My assumption is Apple does some bs with certs to ensure its pairing with a legit iPhone, so it might not even be possible, but ive been looking around and I can't find any research done on the device at all

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Has anyone ever bothered to reverse engineer how the Apple Watch pairs with an iPhone? I've been thinking about messing around with one and seeing if I can trigger the pairing process without it. Might be a fun side project to write an android app to work with it

Man I really need more people to follow on here. I wanna use Fedi more but I only know like 3 people lol


I meant to post this yesterday but look at this adorable asshole. I love him so much

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New mac products today look pretty nice not gonna lie. I just wish they cost less than my car lmao

(From a conversation with my roomate tonight)
It's an obvious progression. First you get running water, then you kill God.

Gotta love getting done moving a bunch of equipment after marching band and then having an asthma attack. I know these masks are important but man having to take a hit or two of my inhaler before and after doing anything while wearing them is getting exhausting. Why does America have to be so incompetent ;-;

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