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Hiking to the center of the region's coldest tundra, you finally find it: The Ice Rock. It radiates with an unknowable energy.

You reach forward and touch it, wiping away a layer of snow. The ice is crystal clear, so it's not difficult to see that something is frozen inside it.

A laptop computer is running, despite no obvious source of power, and messages are occasionally printed to a terminal window. If you squint, you can just about make out what they say...

Hey everyone! A while ago, upstream Mastodon made a change allowing video uploads of up to 40mb. They never worked here. I never knew why until just now, but they're fixed! Enjoy not having to host everything on youtube if you just want to share it on the fediverse. :3

Bah, never mind, I don't know why it's not doing what I want and I don't even know for sure people would like the thing I was trying to do :P

Maybe some other time.

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that you should expect some weirdness when it comes to custom emojis tonight. There will be brief periods when they'll behave incorrectly, such as appearing twice in a row or not properly respecting your "Autoplay animated GIFs" setting. Other things may happen as well, depends on how much I have to play with it to get it doing what I want. Sorry about that! I'll post again when the disruption is over.

Quick update: Since no one complained, I've added the custom CSS to hide the "Filtered" block on posts you've filtered out. You won't even know they're there.

How to make your instance more accessible in 6 easy commands!

The unlisted icon should be easier to distinguish from the followers-only icon, now.

Oh, and while I was messing with CSS anyway, I went ahead and put underlines on links!

They're transparent by default and become completely opaque when you hover, because I thought that looked pretty good. If it's causing accessibility problems, please let me know!!

Hey everyone! Look what I did for local users! It's cute :blobuwu:

Quick update: I've added some custom CSS. Not the thing with filtered posts that I was talking about before. Something else.

Don't worry about it.


Hey everyone! A while ago I complained about filtered posts still showing up as just the word "filtered", rather than being completely hidden. On my end, I've been using an adblocker to get rid of them entirely.

It occured to me today that the same thing can be done with custom CSS, and with a little bit of testing I now have that working. This is significant because, as admin, I can easily deploy custom CSS here.

Is that something people would want? Or would you rather know that a post has been filtered?

Something I should have mentioned:

Please don't abuse this, or if you must, please at least mention in a CW that you're abusing it.


I've just implemented a new feature! no longer has a hard character limit. You can make your toots as long as you want! But once you go over 750 characters, you'll be reminded that you may want to put a CW on that bad boy.

Please let me know if you run into bugs!

Hey, remember when I said this and then *immediately* broke something and the instance was down for like 20 minutes? I dunno why y'all put up with me. :P

That being said, it's unlikely that anything else /that/ bad will happen again tonight. Let's hope I didn't just :jynx: it...

Hey everyone! Expect some instability while I play with the code tonight. I don't expect it to go down for more than a minute or so at a time, unless I really screw up, so if you're unable to visit the site please just wait a moment and try again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that I'm planning on playing with some stuff on the server, which may cause brief SSL errors/downtime. I don't /expect/ issues, but they're certainly plausible. Thanks!

Hey, uh, we're back? I guess?

bundle decided to eat all the goddamn memory and basically DOSed the whole instance.

Threw a reboot at it and am currently praying that it doesn't happen again?

Slightly more detail on my backup account, where you'll find me whenever g.s is down:

Everything seems to have gone well! Just a couple more seconds of downtime and we'll be fully updated! Hang tight!

Hey, everyone! Expect some brief downtime in the next half hour or so as I reboot the server in a desperate attempt to free up enough memory to precompile assets.

If that doesn't work you can expect some longer downtime while I stop the instance entirely so that the assets can precompile.

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You may be asking yourself: Why the downtime? Well, here's the deets: It was fun! I just felt like it.

...nah, I'm kidding.

I wrote a patch that slightly modifies the behaviour when you reply to a toot with a content warning. Recently, an update made it so that this would stick "re:" onto the beginning of the default CW (unless it was already there). This is still mostly true. However, it's now omitted if you're replying to your /own/ toot.

The logic here is that if you reply to your own toot, you're very likely writing a thread, and whatever content warning you applied is very likely to still be relevant. It also makes the behaviour consistent with thread mode on the web UI.

That's it! Small change but I think it'll be nice to have.

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