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Hiking to the center of the region's coldest tundra, you finally find it: The Ice Rock. It radiates with an unknowable energy.

You reach forward and touch it, wiping away a layer of snow. The ice is crystal clear, so it's not difficult to see that something is frozen inside it.

A laptop computer is running, despite no obvious source of power, and messages are occasionally printed to a terminal window. If you squint, you can just about make out what they say...

Hi, sorry for the recent instability, I didn't think it was going to last long enough for it to be worth making an announcement. Just an in and out thing. But no, everything is harder than it has to be.

As a consolation prize, a feature that has been broken for ages and ages now works again! is now available from any subdomain!

That means that if you go to, it'll be exactly the same as going to

The reason this is nice is that your cookies won't carry over. You can be logged on to multiple accounts and choose which one to use based on your subdomain! For example, I'm logged into my main on, but I'm typing this from No need to juggle incognito mode, or anything like that.

Again, sorry for the instability, but things should be doing okay for now!


i rebooted g.s

i don't know if it helped but. i dunno. maybe?

Hi everyone!

You may have noticed that remote statuses with images aren't federating here. Don't panic!

...I mean, I don't know why it's happening either, but I'm panicking enough for the both of us. So don't worry about it.

I'll make another post with more info when I have it!

Here's the commit for the change btw

Figuring out what number of backslashes to put in the replacement string for that first gsub was a nightmare of trial and error and I still don't know why this is the correct answer.

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Hey everyone! Quick update about something I've been meaning to do for a while but hadn't gotten around to until just now.

This instance no longer has markdown lists! In theory, anyway. The code that prevents them is kind of a hack.

Anyway, markdown lists provide almost no value over plain text, and unlike other formatting which is just lost on instances without rich text, markdown lists caused entire toots to be mangled beyond the point of readability.

I've been escaping my lists for a while now, anyway, but now it's done automatically. So you no longer have to worry about lists screwing up on other instances!

That said, please let me know if you do manage to create a markdown list! It would be interesting to see.

Damn, this place is bumping! It used to be that whenever there was a notification about a new user, I had pretty goods odds that I was about to ban a spammer.

Welcome aboard, everyone!

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I'm genuinely surprised by how smooth that was. It was so easy it's actually suspicious. Hmmm.

If you notice anything broken, let me know at @​monorail!

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Hey, you may have noticed that the instance is kinda unstable at the moment. That's because I'm currently updating stuff and I'm nearly out of ram ._.

When it's done, I should be able to update pretty seamlessly.

...but it's me, so maybe not. Expect possible downtime.

Instance suspension announcement/recommendation defederation announcement


I may have to turn off the instance for a while to fix it

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@monorail Not as painless as I would have liked but a lot better than it could have been.

We're back!

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If it goes wrong, you can catch me at my backup account, @monorail

See you soon!

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Hey! There will be an update coming soon! I've finally got a dev instance set up so I think this should actually go fairly painlessly, but... well, we'll see. c:

By the way, welcome also to the mod team... @socks!

Their main account can be found at @socks but they've offered to lend a hand moderating here, since they're in a much different time zone than the rest of the team.

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Please welcome to the mod team... @HollyFromTheBox!

Don't expect a lot of change, it's just going to be nice to not have to handle everything myself.


Please welcome to the mod team... @HollyFromTheBox!

Don't expect a lot of change, it's just going to be nice to not have to handle everything myself.

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