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Hiking to the center of the region's coldest tundra, you finally find it: The Ice Rock. It radiates with an unknowable energy.

You reach forward and touch it, wiping away a layer of snow. The ice is crystal clear, so it's not difficult to see that something is frozen inside it.

A laptop computer is running, despite no obvious source of power, and messages are occasionally printed to a terminal window. If you squint, you can just about make out what they say...

Jortage, our media provider, recently had an issue involving account archives that has now been resolved. If you requested an account archive and never received it, please try again!

heads up, expect 10ish seconds of downtime extremely soon

Hi everyone!

The transition from Amazon S3 to Jortage is complete! \o/

If you notice any weirdness with media, especially things like old posts getting boosted onto your TL with broken attachments, please let me know! That's all supposed to be taken care of now, so if anything's still broken, that's a problem that needs to be addressed.


Ah, by "mild weirdness" I should clarify that I mean "almost every image is broken". But nothing is lost, it's getting migrated over, it just doesn't look very good rn

Hey everyone! I've been meaning to migrate's media away from Amazon s3 for ages now, and I finally found a good excuse to do it. We're migrating to @unascribed's Jortage project! Expect mild weirdness for the next little bit, but after everything is set up you shouldn't notice anything different.

The instance will be a little less stable for the next little bit while I work on a problem with links in bios. No significant downtime is planned but there will be some restarts, causing it to go up and down a little bit. Just a heads up.

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mastodon eats too much memory so i have to turn it off while i precompile the stuff from the new update

i'll do it in like half an hour if i remember instance stuff, long


Hey everyone! One quick update, and then a question I have for you.

The update is related to local-only posts. They used to be marked by having "👁️" at the end which, let's be honest, is really creepy. I've changed it so that local only posts are followed by two newlines and a ❄️. You'll see what I mean in just a moment! ;)

*ahem* With that minor hiccup out of the way...

ahh my toots are going through in the wrong order i'm sorry

I was content to just suspend the one user but the admin appears to be more concerned that people expect them to moderate their instance than they are that they're not moderating their instance, so goodbye

Okay, everything's broken, the server is on fire and snakes are physically manifesting in my home. I'm going to be reverting all the changes I made yesterday and then redoing them from scratch, trying extra hard to not break anything along the way.

Hey everyone! *We have basic markdown now!*

Just a heads up. <3

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yes, this is how i'm announcing we have bangtags now

check it out, some stuff seems broken but whatever

Hey, uh, my cron job failed and my SSL cert ran out! But we're back!

It's 3:15 here and I'm basically still asleep so I've fixed the main URL, but if you use a custom subdomain that's still broken

I'll hopefully fix that sometime today

Ummm... oops! We're back now!

Took me a little while to debug what the problem was. I had forgotten to migrate the database :blobfacepalm:​

Anyway, welcome to updated glitch-soc! We have polls now I guess!

Hey everyone! I'm about to update the instance to the latest glitch-soc version. I'm pretty sure I did everything correctly but there were some complications. If there's downtime in the near future, please hold tight while I fix it as fast as I can!

Fixing the "character limit" on external clients


Hey everyone! A while ago, upstream Mastodon made a change allowing video uploads of up to 40mb. They never worked here. I never knew why until just now, but they're fixed! Enjoy not having to host everything on youtube if you just want to share it on the fediverse. :3

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