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someone remind me to make my 727'th toot to be "WHEN YOU SEE IT AHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA *dies*"

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Programming is hard, Stack Overflow can't save you now

one of them simple, another is going to be a actual project that will take quite some time

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probably a good time to close blue bird app after today's hot take

I am getting more and more proficient in Microsoft Paint, Where do I get certified as a MS Paint professional?

i'm incredibly fcking determined to get 2012 ROBLOX working so I can play a copy of a map that I played years back on actual ROBLOX

I crave childhood nostalgia

If I vlogged every time I start a major project involving my PC or server it would be "but Everything Goes Wrong"

Small 11 inch laptop I fixed up for myself that my dad gave me due to issues a few days ago. Was a pain to get driver's to work due to me uninstalling Win10 for 8.1 (this laptop shipped with it anyway) cause of the 4 GB ram and HDD, It ain't much but it's quite nice for streaming, light gamin and programming (the quad pentium can only do so much with. It's atom gpu..)

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me: *begins to install a large update*
update: takes half an hour to begin moving
:bing: windows 8.1 KB2919355 not installing
update: oh yeah lets get movin (progress bar fills 30%)

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we need to have a creature-to-creature conversation

i know everything will be okay, but my anxiety says otherwise. ack

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transferring data to a new HDD as my server's drive is dying, very nervous that this will cause the new drive to fail due to heavy load

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