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gonna go drink 3,504,000 bottles of 5 hour energy

i'll be back

me and a random demoman on the otherside of the map are just "KABOOOOOMM!!!"ing for no reason at all lmao

best part of finishing code is getting to eat borger while watching new dankpods with my gf

babe wake up
marie finally updated her site bio and fixed webkit browsers on ios

silly little me using to help a silly iOS user test my silly little webbed site (i'm fixing webkit issues)

okay i need like, 20 sandisk ultra 64 gb usb flash drives, i just love the casing design and speed so much lmao

i'm guessing its trying to go to sleep, but it's not suppose to sleep after 3 minutes of inactivity?

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now my second laptop that I am trying to do web development on keeps going unresponsive and blank when idle

the entire time iwas trying to sign in using my gmail address instead of my hotmail, bruh lmao

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linux is fine and all on old hardware until you gotta compile 💀

another account probably h acked, at this point i'm tempted to move to another email address, move important stuff to that then leave everything else to rot.

don't use the same password in multiple places, i'm currently playing whack-a-mole finding accounts of mine still using an exposed password

i am influencing my friends into turning into ponies

not sure if this is a good thing or a bad 🤔

i wanna move it to React, but currently I just want to update my bio

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when i'm president every queer person will be entitled to a free racing sim wheel

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maybe I'm getting old but I'm really looking forward to autumn

maybe it's just the climate change and the unbearable heat

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