i'm too embarrassed to draw bc i feel my drawings are selfish and aren't good

@Gryphon you should draw whatever you want, i don't think that's selfish :)

and hey everyone was bad at drawing once, being bad at drawing for long enough is how you become good at it


@monorail u're very nice . i don't draw much else than the Gryphons . if i upload these Gryphons others may think bad things like why i don't draw other things . now i feel this when i sketch

@Gryphon I mean i don't draw much but when I do it's pretty much just glaceons :p

@Gryphon i think it's perfectly fine to just draw things you're interested in

and i get the impression you're very interested in gryphons :3

@monorail ye the Gryphons are very very big . the hugest and extremely large too really the biggest for Gryph's life ^v^

bc u love glaceons Gryph thinks u know how this feels

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