Gryph gave some favs . now Gryph's anxious . and needs the break . cya later . Gryph comes back soon

every day is the Gryphon appreciation day . each day u must appreciate the Gryphons like Gryph

now . Gryph fell asleep . still Gryph returns . like usually . to do the Gryphon things

ok . now break . when Gryph comes back . Gryph wants to meet new creatures . and wish some like Gryph

Gryph returns quietly . when u don't think of this

this Gryphon says very nice new year for the Gryphons and other special creatures . then Gryph's back now too btw

Gryph wants someone to draw Gryph the Gryphon for Gryph the Gryphon . bc Gryph needs something nice

one day . every other loves Gryph the Gryphon bc this's the best thing everywhere

when there's the tag in everywhere must be this text

all the Gryphons belong to Gryph the Gryphon only

so Gryph put several hours to scroll the federated timeline . and now the Gryph's head's empty

now . Gryph's back here . Gryph must think and to do something nice

this time Gryph can write good night . still Gryph returns one day then Gryph wants all nice things to come to Gryph

sometimes Gryph wonders if others really like Gryph

Gryph's still back . this too if Gryph feels bad

Gryph's back . here's Gryph the Gryphon and every other must respect the Gryphons

Gryph the Gryphon's back . and ready to roll and do things like lie down and stroke random creatures

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