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if Gryph the Gryphon faved or followed u 

Gryph sent hundreds of faves and some follows and only once got something back . if u see this and don't already follow me can u say something nice to Gryph

Gryph's back . everybody fear Gryph . bc the Gryphons can be scary . then love Gryph . bc Gryph's very nice and huggable

now Gryph goes to sleep . then Gryph comes back and this's very nice . night for now

so Gryph's now tired . soon goes to sleep. perhaps the tomorrow is a nicer day

yeh ok . night and see u soon . say hi to Gryph when Gryph comes back

to fly is the thing Gryph does soon . to sleep . bc Gryph needs some rest

someone rated the Gryph's Gryph the Gryphon story 2 stars and now Gryph feels crushed

perhaps Gryph can go and create something . to do something different for a while

so Gryph finally sent follow requests . and some favourites . now Gryph's nervous about everything again

Gryph's back . now nice things happen . when Gryph starts to go around . into places . then u can even pet Gryph

now Gryph goes and takes the Gryphon's break . then soon Gryph comes back

Gryph's back . and Gryph feels like how the Gryphons feel

Gryph comes back here soon . then only nice things can happen . when Gryph starts the Gryphon things . night

Gryph goes to sleep soon . then Gryph comes back

Gryph thought of lots of things today and soon Gryph shows these things . now Gryph needs the break

Gryph boosted

so Gryph's here . everyone likes when Gryph's in here

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