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Cryptoshit, rugpulling 

My favorite thing about cryptobros and nftbros is that they picked a special word that means "When you get scammed and it involves crypto so you don't want to make it sound like you got scammed or else people won't buy crypto"

Ho boy, classes start again today, and the Syllabus conflicts with the schedule I can see! Wahoo!

Shame that he wasn't explicitly fired, not to tank his reputation further (because he's already hit rock bottom), but so we can revel in his explicit expulsion from the company.

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Turns out something good did actually spawn from Microsoft Acquisition (and by that I mean the shouts of the people)

Does anyone actually use Honey?

Does anyone play Raid Shadow Legends?

Does anyone subscribe to Nord VPN?

Their ads keep coming but I have never seen anyone I know actually use any of these services (besides Nord but that was because they got it for 5 dollar)

Who decided Velcro was gonna be a thing for children's shoes primarily?

I just wanna talk really, no bad blood I just wanna chat :)

So Microsoft has just opted to consume Actvision Blizzard

(This is seemingly a good thing since this means previous management is removed in favor of Microsoft heads)


I hate it when people throw big words at me and expect me to just fold and die when their words hold no substance in the context they were written.

The lengths I will go to for my ripped mp3s to have appropriate cover art.

(There is no actual cover art so I have to find it MYSELF)


Anxiety is usually manageable for me, and has been especially easy to deal with when I'm on campus surprisingly.

When I get home for enforced vacation by my University though, it's exacerbated by my mother's own anxieties.

This culminates in days where I refuse to eat anything with sugars in it for irrational reasons fed to me by irrational ramblings, and spiraling into an evening of misery.

Can't wait to get anxiety meds that actually work.

Tonight I was reminded that Steins;Gate was a thing, and why it's my favorite show of all time. Shit makes me cry just listening to the music, the op, everything.

I just beat the of Path of Pain for the first time tonight.

I swear I've accelerated development of arthritis in my fingers

I feel like Libertarians often pursue the liberty to deprive others of their liberties? Idk I just hate everything and everyone around me rn

Man why can't we all collectively decide to be Nocturnal so I can hang with my homes at 3 am instead of being incapable of sleep?

Mfw when The Game Awards wasn't just a hyper corrupt advertising

Okay, no bit, no joke, I have no idea what a Fediverss is can anyone in the endless void tell me what the hell I've stumbled into?

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