Elden Ring 

I am in love with the Haligtree area in Elden Ring, and want to know more lore about how it interacts with the great Erdtree.


The boss at the end of the Haligtree exists purely to spite enjoyers of video games. She does not deserve to have undodgeable multi hitting combos on top of lifesteal which is applied even if you block with a 100 physical shield. I know it's a bonus boss, I know I don't have to fight it, but fuck whoever thought it was fun for anyone but the 1% of players.

Like seriously this shit is freaking me the fuck out they don't talk like a normal person but nothing they're doing is scammerly or, incorrect im going to collapse and die.

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Someone I barely remember from elementary school has tracked me down from my Facebook and started bombarding me with recountings of events I can't forcibly recall but do remember and im freaking the fuck out.

That's a normal reaction right?

I am having my first experience with what i can only presume is the wise tooth tonight while I am trying to sleep.

The mild agony is relatively unbearable

I have become absolutely obsessed with Potemkin in Guilty Gear Strive. In the span of 20 hours playtime I went from incapable of command grabs to hitting the Kara Bustah from match start. God what a high fighting games are

I wish burger joints were open at 6:27 AM

My roommate sleeps at 11:30 on the dot

I am a pseudo insomniac

My nights are misery

I had a hard time getting into deckbuilders for a while.

But, just recently I picked up Legends of Runeterra and I'm developing another obsession.

10/10 game surprised its not more enjoyed

I am one of three people in this world who is more likely to purchase Elden Ring now than there are multiple poison swamps.

What can I say? I guess I'm the target audience

Twitter Nonsense 

It really does suck a lot though. I followed so many content creators to get updates on projects, info on games, and looks at personal artworks. Now all of that's gone and I have no way to find it all again because I don't have a photographic memory.

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Twitter Nonsense 

Well I just got banned from Twitter dot com.

My threats to skin Matt Patt for inconsistencies between his thumbnail and title were impactful, and caused great public duress!

I am so incredibly sorry to the game theory community for my crimes against this world, I will exile myself to the Himalayas to repent and learn from this experience.

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Cryptoshit, rugpulling 

My favorite thing about cryptobros and nftbros is that they picked a special word that means "When you get scammed and it involves crypto so you don't want to make it sound like you got scammed or else people won't buy crypto"

Ho boy, classes start again today, and the Syllabus conflicts with the schedule I can see! Wahoo!

Shame that he wasn't explicitly fired, not to tank his reputation further (because he's already hit rock bottom), but so we can revel in his explicit expulsion from the company.

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Turns out something good did actually spawn from Microsoft Acquisition (and by that I mean the shouts of the people)

Does anyone actually use Honey?

Does anyone play Raid Shadow Legends?

Does anyone subscribe to Nord VPN?

Their ads keep coming but I have never seen anyone I know actually use any of these services (besides Nord but that was because they got it for 5 dollar)

Who decided Velcro was gonna be a thing for children's shoes primarily?

I just wanna talk really, no bad blood I just wanna chat :)

So Microsoft has just opted to consume Actvision Blizzard

(This is seemingly a good thing since this means previous management is removed in favor of Microsoft heads)

Article: news.microsoft.com/features/mi

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