i would use this on my computer, except the only intel component it has is some ethernet thing built into my motherboard, which is infinitely amusing since it's an AMD ryzen board lmao

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you know this took a lot longer than i thought it would lmao

so i'll tell ya what, this is gonna go up on patreon, but patrons get access to really high-res versions of these for printing purposes πŸ‘€

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hey guess what nerds i did just that

if you become a patron you get access to this in 8000x8000+ resolution, all my WIP art, and if you pay enough access to SVGs of anything posted there πŸ‘€


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@EeveeEuphoria I have an old Ivy Bridge rig and I'll admit it's tempting to relabel it
bonus: it's v. small

@quarky oh wait yea i still have a laptop i could stick this on lmao, but uh

it's too bad the usb ports jank out and i have to put the laptop to sleep in order to make them work again

@EeveeEuphoria UPDATE: the computer is named jolteon I completely forgot about that

@EeveeEuphoria I kinda wish sylveon (my AMD laptop) was a jolteon cuz of your other sticker but hey. that's what I get

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