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Other stuff:
AD (18+! nudes are posted there!) @JennyIsGay
Nintendo Switch Code: Add me if we're mutuals!

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got done watching the post-credits sequence, i clocked in around 44 hours in total gameplay, and i'm not even done with all the side-stories and hero missions yet

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welp, I finally finished yakuza like a dragon

and it left me crying ;w;

this is a really, really good game, and I think it has one of the best stories in the franchise (that I've played through anyways)

testing out the in-dev version of srb2 chaos edition with a friend

it is hell to play lmao

but now, the next version is guaranteed to work with netplay, something the last version broke cuz pi'm a big gay

i have 2,987 files in the logs folder for srb2

meaning i've launched the game about 2,987 times

making mods is hard

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