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Other stuff:
AD (18+! nudes are posted there!) @JennyIsGay
Nintendo Switch Code: Add me if we're mutuals!

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here let's put it to a poll, since i'm not getting replies lmao

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been seeing a lotta gacha OC adopts going around on twitter dot com in particular, and they're kinda cool


if i made one, would y'all actually maybe partake in it lol, i have a buncha unsold adopts/unused OCs that nobody wants to buy otherwise,

(and it'd be nice to have more money, y'know)

If your masto to twitter crossposter posts boosts fuck you

animal crossing observation 

it's odd to me that they haven't yet let you ask blathers to follow you around the museum and act as a guide

idk about yall but i'm not particularly receptive to fun dead animal facts when i'm unloading like five fossils, whereas when i'm walking about the museum i'm super ready to learn but all the little plaques have to say is that i donated everything or that i should donate more

*mathematician voice* oh shit a greek letter, better write it as fucked up as possible

meta hot take that should be a cold take 

instance admins should instantly block other instances that are run by racist, harrassing, and otherwise terrible admins

maybe then people would actually feel safe here, just a thought,

Whites Stop Coddling Other Whites for Being Racist Challenge 2021!!!!!!!

You, a white, cannot tell another white that they did nothing wrong when they were racist!!! You are the problem!!!! You do not have the authority to say if something is not racist!!!! Not Sorry!!!!! Fuck you!!!!

there's a resetera thread that explains why GameXplain has had many people drop out

the two things you need to hear is they crunch employees (forcing someone to play FF7R in just two days!), and underpaying them severely ($1-2 an hour, i'm not joking)

Side note: you ever think about

1) what a good game punch out for the Wii is
2) what a racist game punch out for the Wii is

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advantages of kinning your own oc: ur cute

disadvantages: u wanna cuddle yourself cuz you're cute, but you can't :(

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