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Other stuff:
AD (18+! nudes are posted there!) @JennyIsGay
Nintendo Switch Code: Add me if we're mutuals!

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can someone explain to me why literally every single painting program in existence can't read transparency from an image on the clipboard, but fucking discord can

stop posting good stuff on here that i can't boost because you fucks don't cw anything >:(

having to look up something to diagnose an error, and i've discovered something horrible and fucking terrible

google does not allow you to input negative numbers, no matter how hard you try

what a terrible search engine

well, minus iOS, i'll just assume that somehow makes it all worse

unless it's actually better than android, then i'll be ultra angery

who was the asshole who made it so android only lets you adjust the volume in big steps instead of letting you adjust the any other OS in existence

gonna start linking people my first fediverse account, just so they have to jump through multiple accounts to find my active one



TIL that pirates believed in free community education and the public domain of knowledge...

So the etymology of online piracy does actually have some accuracy to it... huh

hot take:

if a video game has a competitive scene that's inaccessible without grinding?

circumventing that should be treated as an accessibility issue, not cheating

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