There’s a robot on Mars running on a single core CPU at 133MHz and 4Gb of RAM, but Windows 10 will melt your computer if you’re running less than 2.5GHz on 4 cores and 8Gb of RAM.

The robot can also do its job.

Imagine a NASA rover running Windows 10. 30 minutes into launch and FlightControl.exe causes a fatal memory error. 3 months into flight and it sends back a pop up saying “we’ve detected malware on your computer!” 10 minutes after landing it blue screens and demands a hard restart.

Just imagine that congressional committee meeting. “What do you mean, we need to launch another rover to power cycle the one that just landed? Can’t you call tech support?”

@DissonantEevee the robot is probably running on a Linux or Unix, that's why....

@der_bluthund probably a BSD custom variant.

At least it’s not Arch, imagine that attempt to check for updates!

@DissonantEevee this is why each new rover comes with a satellite that stays in orbit - they are literally building a wireless Internet over Mars with the .mars domain assigned to it. Even after the rovers break down the satellites will still be providing an Internet network for Mars that links back to Earth. They need this for human missions...

@DissonantEevee Imagine a "Your Norton Trail has Ended" popup over images of mars

@DissonantEevee just bought a new phone because the manufacturer created updates to slow my old one down and drain the battery. Planned obsolescence is my eternal enemy.

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