“Why do we have a space program when X is going on?”
Listen, the NASA budget is not a problem, DoD paid Lockheed Martin over $400 BILLION for the F-35, a fighter jet so bad they have to rig the field tests in its favor. That program started in 2001, so roughly $25 billion per year of existence. NASAs budget for 2020 was $22 Billion, and its average budget per year over its 63 years of existence was $19 billion. The ENTIRE APOLLO PROJECT cost, adjusted for inflation, $156 billion. Yeah, going to the moon cost us less than a shitty airplane. Amazon could buy multiple Apollo projects per year.

We have military contractors committing literal theft of our tax dollars, and you’re worried about NASA? What’s your next worry, the less than half a billion that goes to public television?

@DissonantEevee Doesn't the US military also frequently hold trials to find "replacements" for the M16, then always end up picking the M16 anyway, regardless of how much money was wasted buying and testing various other prototype assault rifles? I know they've done it a few times, but I'm not sure how common it is, or how much is actually spent on it.
@DissonantEevee bruh we gots to pay the military industrial complex to bomb the Muslims or they'll run out of money. job creation maaaaan.

@DissonantEevee "the less than half a billion that goes to public television?"

christ, don't give them any ideas

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