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@flowless2 In Voluntary Compliance with the Collective Consensus of the Kolectiva Internet Commune, Monads will be Canceled by any means necessary until such time that they stop being a bunch of tankies, and voluntarily comply with our collectively agreed-upon community suggested guidelines for correctly performing Anti-Capitalist praxis, at which time they will be allowed to make their own decisions.

These actions are being undertaken at the behest of our community, with the understanding that we are not a State, despite all actions to the contrary. Please, have a nice day.

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If you want to know just how much of a dork I am, my perfect car is an old Volvo station wagon resurrected with an electric engine and a paint job best described as “wizard van meets Tron”.

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Todays limited-availability genders are
-Lucy Lawless playing a Himbo on SNL (she/him)
-Gopnik Joe Biden guest hosts Whose Line Is It Anyway (he/Comrade)
-Arnold Schwarzenegger reading Erotic Fanfiction of Shadow The Hedgehog (they/them)

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Help I Criticized Stalin and Now I’m In The Gulag To Be Turned Into The Peoples HuCow!

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large breasted avatar collection 

Might as well do it anyway, nobody told me not to! None of these are mine, most of the originals were found on safebooru, danbooru, and rule34. So, ah, feel free to use I guess.

Note; not all of them have huge breasts. Just most.

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I’m basically a manually operated followbot, that is to say, of a questionable nature and purpose.

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No, you don’t get to ask my story about how an unsocial person gets to be on social media.

Okay, it’s because I want to find people to talk to, but I’m socially inept and the only way I know how to read a room is to scan for threats. Guess what my anxiety finds?

It's the year 2053. The world has fallen into a state of barbaristic squabbling. I find myself in the new forest, hunting for wild mega-horses. I slowly approach with my spear, creeping up on this 6 legged beast. From behind me I hear a twig snap and I spin on my heels ready to kill! It's John Oliver, "Oh blimey, it appears im in a spot of bother, uh, are you by any chance an anprim? i think i'd like to learn about your ideology". A single tear rolls down my cheek. "Finally, I can stan..."

"Capitalism tells us that if something because too expensive then consumers will stop purchasing it, but for some reason grocery stores haven't had to close due to lack of customers???????????????????????????????????????"

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"food, the thing all life needs for sustenance is more expensive, but for some reason consumers haven't stopped buying it????"

The year is 2023. The Omega variant sweeps across the US, a nation kept in quarantine by the rest of the world. President Biden makes a campaign promise to do something about the McDonald's Press Gang Squads.

american foreign policy journalists are the scum of the earth. not one of those mfs should be saved

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had a dream that jung said "in any society, one is always aware of cracks in the facade. the role of superhero fiction is to expose these cracks, widen them, and then fill them with spiderman"

"when will" im with you so far
"John Oliver" I don't like where this is going
"have his anti-civ" episode? that's what's gotta follow this right. an anti civ episode of his multimillion dollar HBO television series.
"arc" wh
"so I can stan him" ???????

China Should Prepare to Live With Leopards Eating Everyone's Faces

any political stance can require no theory if you don't think about it too hard

I'm very certain that my own intuitions about revolutionary politics are just as correct as the time-tested ideas of people who dedicated their lives to thinking about this kind of thing - what's that? No I do not think that growing up immersed in liberalism influences my intuitions at all and I think I would know if that were the case, why do you ask?

Oh my fucking gods, the anarchists are claiming that poverty alleviation is bad because it's not immediately destroying the concept of poverty.
Just wow, I can't believe that I used to be an anarchist (then again, even teenaged me would've smelled something off about this)

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