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I suspect I may be preaching to the choir here, but silence is complicity, and as has been said for over half a century: infinite diversity, in infinite combinations, makes us all stronger.

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Hello there! My name is Cal and this is version 2 of my introduction post!

I'm 35, non-binary, and I live near Leeds in northern England. I am a robotic cat, or robomew if you prefer.

Open this post's thread for facts about me and the terms that are on my mute list!


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Hi, just a friendly request: please under no circumstances draw me, or commission me gift art, without discussing your plans in detail with me, and getting my approval, first.

Also, please don't make me need to do more than make this a friendly request.

Thanks :)

It has just been brought to my attention that this account exists.


Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

ah yes, the five genders 

Ah yes, the five (or six?) (or seven?) genders.

Or: Tag yourself, I'm << Back

sex work, Second Life 

Thinking of getting back into the game via SL. It's been a while but when I was 17/18 (the legal age in the UK) it paid my way through university.

Comments, tips, opinions, suggestions, please? :)

bad pun, TOTLP 

Our final viewing selection for this evening is over on ITV1. Join Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly as they talk about how they're covering a small river in Cheshire with a raised floor infused with pieces of an iron-heavy meteorite.

That's "Ant and Dec's Nantwich Beck Nantan Deck", 9pm, ITV1.

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bad pun, TOTLP 

Meanwhile at 6 o'clock tonight, further coverage of another trailer, this one full of biscuits, that's being hauled in the direction of the geographic centre of Germany.

Join us for "They're Taking The Hobnobs To Eisenach".

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bad pun, TOTLP 

Coming up, A documentary about a trailer full of jewelry and its travels across Central Europe on the back of a lorry.

That's "Load Of The Rings", next on Channel 4.

gendery shitpost 

Gendered clothing was invented by clothing companies to sell more genders

hypocrisy takedown, amazon, customer question, animal tree and human abuse mention (maybe +?) 

I love finding these savage takedowns that are, depressingly, absolutely correct.

potential audiohazard, low-quality audio 

Troddlers' "Ingame 1" music, but every time the key changes, it stays changed

It's been a few years, but it looks as though I haven't lost my edge after all.

Github: "Master is bad. We're going to use main from now on."
P1: "Main is silly. Use release instead."
P2: "Release isn't necessarily the default. Call it default instead."

Me, a svn user: "Why are you all arguing over what to call your trunk?"

bad joke 

A lady in India has recently started a trend in which she eschews traditional dress and instead wears a large sealed metal box.

Better safe than sari.

lewdness to kink to perversion, escalates quickly (+) 

"I'm bored as fuck" doesn't mean quite what you think it means.

If your fuck is boring, you're doing it wrong.

Try a new position! Bring some kinks into the bedroom, such as light bondage!

Or heavy bondage!

Or full-body immobilisation with a spandex sleepsack, a full-head enclosure gas mask, a bubble bottle, a remote-controlled butt plug, and an auto-edging milking machine!

every racist ever (vent) 

"I'm not a racist, but <racial slur> <racial slur>, they're all a bunch of <inaccurate racist stereotype>, and every <racial slur> should <vulgar euphemism>. Remember, as <name-drop> said, <misattributed racist quote>. "

…these morons truly test my commitment to pacifism.

P.S.: Black is a subset of all. . bundle for racial justice and equality 

Just in case you didn't hear about it:

Over a thousand premium games for a $5+ donation to human rights organisations.

My pick from the bundle is Arcade Spirits, an inclusive dating game in a retro visual novel style. It's the only dating game I've ever seen that contains a full path for aro/ace characters that doesn't feel like it's fobbing you off. I love it!


I suspect I may be preaching to the choir here, but silence is complicity, and as has been said for over half a century: infinite diversity, in infinite combinations, makes us all stronger.

Quote of the day candidate: "Reinvent yourself! Do whatever the human equivalent of coming up with a new fursona is."

introvert stuff (-) 

I think I may have completely crossed the line from introverted into asocial.

People are the worst.

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