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oh by the way gamers i am now back home at last which means i can once again do cool things like:
- play video games
- be awkwardly silent in voice chat

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fav if you drink water, boost if your body is mostly water

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vet bill, donations (boosts ok)

Had to post it as an image because of stupid character limit. 😖

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*walks up to couple*
so which one of you is cursed and which one is korean

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@BearishMushroom The chest slowly disintegrates revealing:
◽️ Common Tool:
Cursed, Korean, off-white screwdriver ⚒

i should probably embed some kind of colour ramp in the top left of the qr code as a reference point

re qr code experiments ive been doing:
extracting the data from a camera image is a lil tricky due to them all being bad at colour accuracy but ive managed with reasonable success to do a 3-stack that way

although i have no idea how well they'll perform with, like, a camera

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