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oh by the way gamers i am now back home at last which means i can once again do cool things like:
- play video games
- be awkwardly silent in voice chat

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@the_gayest_doggo you know

i hate that youre right

this is a nightcore video with literally 300 views

but youre right

Hey @monorail when did our insurance show up as a glaceon emote and more importantly do others see it too

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ok im going to bed gamers, you are not allowed to like my posts anymore tonight

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hi someone i know irl found out that im a furry what do i do

making dinner amabwimciata (ask me anything but what im making cause ive answered that already)

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My mastodon highlight of the year... Is it cheating if I participated in it? I wasn't the star, though, @BearishMushroom pulled out all the stops.

That's why they call him :tootmastersupreme2013:

oh and also hot take maybe the sun and moon animation style is a lot better than the old one

so ive been watching the pokemon movies recently and they really differ in quality a lot

i rank them by how many times they make me cry

the first attempt was "functional", but extremely slow
the second was a super good parser that i then never used
the third was a super fast vm but i never got past manually entering bytecode

i think im gonna start my fourth attempt at making my own embeddable language

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