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oh by the way gamers i am now back home at last which means i can once again do cool things like:
- play video games
- be awkwardly silent in voice chat

lb: not following me on glaceon dot social is a crime and you will be banned

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I don't think he's online to introduce himself rn but you should follow @BearishMushroom

There's a reason they call him:


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my content is so bad it deletes posts from the timeline

@ctrlaltdog hey thanks for the tea tips btw, its def keeping the headaches and drowziness off, although i need to chugg like 5 cups a day bare minumum

clam blitz S+5 checkmark emoji

over 200 downloads of my game already holy crap

friendly reminder to play my game or perish

Good morning I am very happy today

there we go, S+8 on lockdown

time to sleep

reset in S+7 with one game left to rank up

eeee my game got a 5 star rating

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been stuck in this splatoon queue for almost 10 minutes reggie come on

made some gosh darn tea for the first time in forever

finna play some gosh darn videogames now, after crunching on this game for 48 hours

hey i finished my jam game and you can play it if you want just dont be mean to me ok

this is like the first ludum dare where im consistently happy about my idea

this is coming along crazy fast