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oh by the way gamers i am now back home at last which means i can once again do cool things like:
- play video games
- be awkwardly silent in voice chat

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boost if you're gay and asdkjshfdkjshdjfh

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you may think you have defated me
you've broken every rule, crossed every line

but I have studied every single board
every permutation
every. possible. turn.


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gays boost if you can't do one of the below

- sit
- drive

no-one will ever know which one!

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asking for minor financial help, boosts appreciated Show more

tired: angryposting
wired: being happy when i see my friends post

yeah, im the king
you better believe it, buster
me, the entire king

8 toots in less than a minute
you know who you are

i tried to save them, i really did
but i killed them all....

what happened when i was alseep what the heck

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