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I'm updating my blog again! Tune in for some occult shit and weirdness.

You can also follow it on fedi @anwyn-pendrake

the strongest spell ever canonically used in any universe with the final fantasy magic system was cast by Donald Duck

Yes I'm a T-rex

Yes I have feathers

Yes I am Big Floof

We exist!

I think the biggest indictment of the US civil religion is that people care more about those thirteen soldiers than the half a million who have died of Covid

You know, I think it's actually ok to fearmonger about a disease that has killed millions of people worldwide. I think people should be afraid of something that has a reasonable chance of killing them or their loved ones.

How to initiate yourself 

Some people will say you need to learn a bunch of ritual steps and banishing first and like

that's true, because all that helps the invocation.

Initiation is about making contact.

This is you magic secret for the day :)

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How to initiate yourself 

1. Choose a tutelary deity or spirit
2. Find out how to invoke that particular spirit (someone wrote something somewhere)
3. Give an offering and perform the invocation until you make contact.

That's a real thing people did. There have been SIGHTINGS.

Get enough psychic energy and you can make a spirit from nothing.

So of course they made one for fucking traffic jams, because they were middle class Londoners without real problems.

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90s style chaos magic is weird because on the one hand it clearly has a basis in psychology and works but on the other hand people did things like (and I swear this is real) invent the spirit GOFLOWOLFOG, whose domain is traffic jams and whose appearance is a cat with sunglasses riding a skateboard.

Voting with my ass by sitting on politicians I don't like (pretty much all of them)

i surrounded myself with people who are shorter than me and now i feel tall. life hack

went out today and saw this 😌 nature is healing πŸ™

Kink Gear NSFW Art, Furry, Commission Opening 

i wanna do more Kink Gear black and white stuff, and i plan to make some of my own for this set

i am also opening 5 slots for pinups like this!! they're $50 each!!

character can be any gender, species, whatever, as long as they're wearing some kind of kink gear

DM if interested!!

Gonna make a gacha game where you actually buy physical cards and dice to collect a deck of waif bait to beat the crap pit of other players.

Wait, this is Pathfinder 5e with less steps.

If you can't kick the racists of your instance, you shouldn't have an instance. Period.

I've been a mod, I know its tough, but you have a responsibility to your users. Fuck.

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