"i can fix him" ummm that's a direct violation of the prime directive

I wish on fedi when I got a reply I could hand them a card that says in large bold print “WHAT ABOUT MY POST GAVE YOU THE IMPLICATION THAT I WANTED TO KNOW THIS”

me when i was 5: i love pink pinks my favorite color
me when i was 7: I've been informed pink is a girl color so i guess red is my favorite color
me when i was 14: idk blue is also good i guess
me when i was 22: pink pink pink egirls will be pink and the theme will be named after kairi

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Feeling like I got a because my scifi conlang doesn't use apostrophes and has actual syntax, fuck yeah

Sci-fi writers: A sci-fi name or word is when there's an apostrophe in it for no reason; the more apostrophes, the more sci-fi it is

Who knew it took so much work to get to the point where bio-synthetic dragon people kissyface each other

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The amount of background I am writing into this slice-of-life sci-fi comic idea

the queen should troll her family by giving the 6 counties back to Ireland.

I can't stop looking at the julles log, it's perfect

@ouroboros This is sarcastic, I think her idea is badass. Robots with religion kinda spits in the face of every new atheist techbro capitalist who screams that robots will end the world or whatever

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Me: so I'm gonna make a conlang for a spiritual culture and you're going to write about that culture and it will be our first collab

@ouroboros : I've decided that its science fiction. Also the species your language belongs to is extinct and its synthetic/robotic descendants carry on its spiritual traditions as a way of investigating their own consciousness and purpose.

Me: Babe I love you but you have to stop one-upping me all the time.

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