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All furries know is barbarkBARKBARKBARK, boop snoots, fuit gummy, and be soft

Mental Health


I also made some great games in the far past, although they were made from using very simple tools from another game that let me make them.

I quit game development and programming months ago because it was too stressful to learn and my mental health wasn't good. I planned not to try again but something inside me tells me I should try again. Maybe I should go back to it again? Idk. It sounds like something I would enjoy but at the same time I wasn't that good at it.



My paw hurts after clicking a tonne in pokéfarm.

Sword and Shield


I want to speak pokemon instead because English has too many complicated spellings and rules.



I'm exhausted. Cleaning my room ain't fun at all but worth it I guess.

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