Monster Hunter World Iceborne spoilers 

I couldn't choose a better time to slay him. LOL

Most of my pokémon plushies have had their bath today. :3 They are looking clean again too!

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I haven't felt this happy and alive in a long time tbh.

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Finally got back to playing Monster Hunter World.

Oh crap, clocks go forward 1 hour tonight. I'm screwed becuase I woke up so late lol.

ftw you're friends with an N++ dev on Steam :3

Noticing more trans people joining the N++ discord. hell yeah!


I just got called a boy today... Feeling worse because of that.

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Challenge: Try to not be tired for a minute...

I'm bored. I want buy a new game but nothing appeals to me today

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Winter is almost over. Wake me up when the next winter is coming. I don't want to exist during summer.

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