Anyone want a bad pun? 

August is almost gone already? Augusting...

Started a new game 3 times of Pokémon Platinum. I have to get the 3 starterrs somehow.


Just got the golden strawberry on Core C side... Proud of myself.

For the first time ever, I got my voice lighter and softer for a few seconds. Finally making progress. :3

I promise to be more active on here... Just been handling some irl mental health and stuff.

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you can give your fursona superpowers and no one can stop you

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Spoilers 

I got my revenge at last. No faints too!

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, a thing I just found on Twitter 

Monster Hunter World Iceborne spoilers 

I couldn't choose a better time to slay him. LOL

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